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Puttering On The Edge Of Productivity

May 7, 2014


There are days when I can see the end result of my creative work, but not the first step. Those are the days that I putter on the edge of productivity, hoping for a word, an image, anything to put a mark on my blank page/canvas/design wall.

Even my baking asks for a jump start sometimes. I needed to make treats for a meeting, and everything I thought of seemed blah. I went shopping, which is usually a big mistake because if I’m looking for inspiration I buy a lot more than I need. This time, inspiration came cheap.

Googly-eye cats on St. Patrick's Day doilies

Googly-eye cats on St. Patrick’s Day doilies

I found the googly eyes, remembered my long-neglected cat cookie cutter, and hoped I had enough butter for a shaped cookie (I did).

Of course, there are times when I get the first step, and the second, but the third is missing. My workshop beading project is like that. I beaded a little, let it sit, beaded a little more, let it sit a little more. I think I’ve finally found step three, which is to mount the beaded piece on a separate quilted piece.

The water challenge - study in blue

The water challenge – study in blue

We’ll see where steps four through seven take me. I think I might need a few more tassels, but the beads haven’t told me what they want yet.

This tassel may want some sisters

This tassel may want some sisters

Luck and Wisdom!