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Discipline and Diligence

June 6, 2018

I wrote a blog for the Tri-Valley Writers website about discipline, diligence and productivity. Even as I was writing it, the snarky angel on my shoulder snorted. “Honey,” it said, “if you could actually be disciplined and diligent, you wouldn’t still have a messy sewing room.” So I decided to break down some of my tasks to help achieve my goals.

Four projects on the list, ready to be basted and quilted

I have finished the tops for several quilts on my Unfinished Quilt Challenge list. The number for the next project we need to complete will be drawn this week. I had a little extra time and decided to make backs for those quilts. I won’t layer them until their number is drawn, but when it comes up I can do that immediately.

I’m also working on one of the projects, a baby quilt. It’s small, but it’s also a traditional quilt, and I lose focus making the same block over and over. I’ve been sewing a few blocks here and there, and will be able to put the center together soon. The final border and back will be the same fabric.

Today is the anniversary of D-Day (6-6-44), and I’m taking that as a good omen. Diligence and discipline may not be my forte, but I can learn.

Luck and wisdom!

Small Quilts, Large Stacks

March 21, 2018

My quilt guild’s year-long challenge to get things done is working. I finished the project due next month. It’s a small quilt, but it was on a large stack of projects so making any kind of a dent in that pile is a victory.

Trees in my neighborhood – palm, pine, deciduous

In the interest of full disclosure, I will probably add more beads to the quilt at a later date, but for now I’m satisfied with this one embellishment.

While I was inspired, I made a few more small quilts. This one is called Equilibrium, in honor of spring, which is today.

Not pastels, but still a spring quilt

I also finished one of the blocks from the Peggy Martin workshop for the Display Block Committee of Amador Valley Quilters. The guild has a collection of 16-inch blocks that we can show at schools, libraries, or other events.

Seeing all the progress in my sewing room made me take another look at the stacks by my computer. I have almost as many writing projects as I do quilting projects. As with my quilting, I envisioned creating a body of work that I could submit for contests. That didn’t happen. As with quilting, when those Call For Entry emails arrive they are usually accompanied by guidelines. I’ve tried writing artist statements that would convince a panel the quilt I had really does fit the contest, but those statements rarely made sense even to me so I knew a judge wouldn’t buy it. There’s even less wiggle room with writing contests. That’s why I’m going to start posting twice a week now–once for quilting, once for writing. Wednesdays will still be quilting day. I’m not sure which day will be writing day, but I’m leaning toward Monday. Now that I’ve put my intentions out to the universe, I have to be accountable. I’m putting myself on the journey to finishing what I start in all aspects of my life.

Luck and wisdom!

Puttering On The Edge Of Productivity

May 7, 2014


There are days when I can see the end result of my creative work, but not the first step. Those are the days that I putter on the edge of productivity, hoping for a word, an image, anything to put a mark on my blank page/canvas/design wall.

Even my baking asks for a jump start sometimes. I needed to make treats for a meeting, and everything I thought of seemed blah. I went shopping, which is usually a big mistake because if I’m looking for inspiration I buy a lot more than I need. This time, inspiration came cheap.

Googly-eye cats on St. Patrick's Day doilies

Googly-eye cats on St. Patrick’s Day doilies

I found the googly eyes, remembered my long-neglected cat cookie cutter, and hoped I had enough butter for a shaped cookie (I did).

Of course, there are times when I get the first step, and the second, but the third is missing. My workshop beading project is like that. I beaded a little, let it sit, beaded a little more, let it sit a little more. I think I’ve finally found step three, which is to mount the beaded piece on a separate quilted piece.

The water challenge - study in blue

The water challenge – study in blue

We’ll see where steps four through seven take me. I think I might need a few more tassels, but the beads haven’t told me what they want yet.

This tassel may want some sisters

This tassel may want some sisters

Luck and Wisdom!