The Lure Of The New Project

One of my art quilt groups decided to list the new projects we want to pursue in 2022. Some of my old projects will go on that list, because I still want to explore the ideas. I am considering taking a fling with a younger, prettier quilt project first because I have several bags of fabric collections that are bespoke as fall-backs if the new project takes an unexpected turn. Those fabric collections will be turned into donation quilts, and since I’ve already told people my goal is to turn in one donation quilt a month I know I’ll have to return to the bags on the floor sooner rather than later. My plan is to work on them when I hit a creative block in the art quilts. Yes, I know, having three or four projects going on at once is how my sewing room turns into a swamp of random pieces of fabric, but this will be the year that I turn that around, right? Especially when I follow (fall for?) the lure of the new project, yes?

Oh, stop laughing.

Luck, wisdom, and a splendid 2022!

Author: Lani Longshore

Quilter, writer, chocoholic, black belt (karate), killer of houseplants, reader of maps (and I still get lost)

3 thoughts on “The Lure Of The New Project”

  1. I’m not laughing. Well, maybe just a tad. But I’m a firm believer that you have to have goals. You don’t need to reach every one of them, but without goals you won’t reach any of them.

  2. I admit this made me giggle, because I see myself in this. The lure of the new and shiny! Best of luck with 2022 goals!

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