When Things Work – A Lesson In Gratitude

I’ve been building my gratitude skills, because things have been working as expected and I don’t want to take that for granted. During my vacation my flights were on time, my luggage arrived in good order, my phone had service, and I found food I wanted to eat (not always a given for a vegetarian). When I returned my estimation of what bills would be waiting was correct and the plan I had for catching up with my deadlines proved to be adequate. These are things I once expected, but now recognize for the miracles they are. No one gets a guarantee in life, so when things are going well I try to acknowledge the gift. I also try to think of what else I might need in the toolbox for when things aren’t going well, which is why the photo above is filled with stuff I use when I’m cursing or weeping or both. Things break, things change, things wear out – that’s the nature of life. I don’t have to like it, but I can be grateful for the moments when I can relax.

Luck and wisdom!