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Why I’m Still Cleaning

June 17, 2015

Perhaps the question should be why I bother. I took a workshop with Vicki L. Johnson and was shown what is really in my heart – clutter.

Lani Longshore workshop table

This is how my side of the table looked after one hour. We were taking notes for the first twenty minutes, too. Then we started working.

Lani Longshore Sue Stephenson

My table buddy, Sue Stephenson, worked diligently and neatly. I did not. After two hours, my side of the table looked like this.

Lani Longshore workshop table B

I admire Sue’s courage – never once did she show fear at the piles massing at the border.

Lani Longshore workshop table C

Sue gave me a great caption for the photo above, but there was no room to pull out paper and write it down.

Despite the mess, I spent a thoroughly delightful day painting, stamping, and printing fabric.

Lani Longshore leaves

Luck and wisdom!