Decorating and My Writing Life

Years ago, I let the kids dye eggs Ukrainian style. It was an all-day production, but the eggs were worth it. I displayed them every year and bought other eggs for decorations, and even some spring-themed serving dishes for our Easter dinner. Then the kids left for college, and pulling out all the decorations and dishware for just two people didn’t seem worth it.

Yeah, I know, kind of silly. Why shouldn’t I take the time to decorate even if I’m the only one who will see it? And isn’t that the same with my writing life?

My novels aren’t best sellers, and they may never be made into movies. Still, I write because I have stories to tell. Even if I were the only person to read the stories, that’s enough to keep writing (shameless self-promotion alert, all of the Chenille novels are on, and the last is on Amazon). Deadlines help me to finish the story, so I’ll continue to submit to contests and anthologies, and I’ll still write query letters to agents. Whether I get an award or contract, well, that’s a topic for another blog. For now, I will let the joy of seeing my words come together be worth the effort, just as the joy of seeing my pretty egg collection is worth it.

Luck and wisdom!