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Shiny Object Overload

February 3, 2016

I happened to be in Tucson visiting friends during the Gem Show. We decided to go to one venue (there are venues all over the city). It was amazing and unsettling. For the the first time in my life, I experienced shiny object overload. There was so much to see that I stumbled around like one of the walking dead. And I didn’t buy one single thing.

Yes, I know, astounding but true. There was so much to choose from I couldn’t choose. I saw the rocks with fossils and thought of the fish I bought my husband.

Lani Longshore fish fossil

I saw the rough stones and thought of the polished petrified wood we bought on a family trip.

Lani Longshore petrified wood

I saw all the beads and thought of my partially organized collection.

Lani Longshore beads

After all that thinking, I added another item to my New Year project list. I will organize my beads with an eye to what is missing. That way, the next time I’m at a gem or bead show, I’ll know where I should look to round out my collection. For good measure, I’ll look at my other rocks and gems, just in case there is another collection in my future.

Luck and wisdom!