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A Mixed Bag Week

July 17, 2019

In the beginning, there were two bags of animal fabrics. So far those two bags have produced six tops. Okay, so I found three unfinished tops in one bag, but still. I started on yet another top and just couldn’t force myself to finish it.

I have lattice and a border for this quilt, and started cutting 4 1/2” and 2 1/2” squares from the scraps. When I just couldn’t stand looking at one more piece from the collection, I put everything in another bag. It is smaller than either of the two bags that I started with, so I’m counting this as a victory. In the meantime, that bag is going in a corner.

Two of the animal tops have been quilted, and I’m planning to get the other four at least layered and basted. If I am very lucky, I will get them all quilted before I become well and truly tired of the fabrics (again).

A winter scene from Tina Curran’s workshop

At least I will have something of a non-animal nature on my design board to distract me. I took a workshop from Tina Curran called Whimsical Garden. The instructions called for yellow and blue strips for the background (for sunshine and sky), but I unearthed a great collection of icy purple, blue, and gray fabrics, and thought I would make a winter garden instead. For some unknown reason I made two sizes of strips in the workshop, and didn’t have the right fabrics to bridge the gap. I began a small quilt from the short set and will work on making a larger quilt from the long set. Sadly, I have no idea what I will do with either quilt, so both of the tops will go into the unfinished pile. Once again, two steps forward and one step back. Ah, well.

The long set from Tina Curran’s workshop

Luck and wisdom!