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Fun with Finite Space

April 11, 2018

I think I may have created – at least temporarily – a partial TARDIS in my sewing room, because at least one of my fabric containers must be bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. I took out my pink and brown collection to work on quilts that will probably be donated to charity through the guild’s Community Quilts program. I was looking forward to filling that space on the shelf with something else. That’s when the fun with finite space started. This is the collection I removed from a blue container on my shelf.

This stack is about a foot high

That’s a lot of fabric. You would think there would be lots of space, but no. In fact, there wasn’t any extra room. This is what was left in the container.

The fabric expanded to fill the space available

I have no idea how I managed to cram all that fabric together. While I would love to have my own personal private TARDIS in the sewing room, I’m not betting the farm on that explanation. I am a little worried now about what else I’m going to find on the shelves once I take the stuff in front down, or how long it’s going to be before something explodes and I have fabric scraps everywhere. Of course, in my sewing room, would I really even notice?

Luck and wisdom!

A Time To Sparkle

December 21, 2016

Happy Solstice! Over the years, I’ve become entirely solar-powered – if the sun isn’t up, don’t expect me to be. While I don’t actually believe the sun won’t come back if I don’t do my bit to help, I do enjoy putting lights and other decorations around the house. Here is a sampling:

Lani Longshore stuffed reindeer

Rather than amassing my reindeer collection, which takes more open space than I will ever have, this year I decided to scatter selections throughout the house.

Lani Longshore moose reindeer vase

Here is another grouping. Yes, the stuffed toy is actually a moose. I don’t care. One day I might even make a reindeer-moose convergence quilt for the holidays.

Lani Longshore birds in basket

I also have a bird collection, and a basket collection. Combining the two seemed reasonable.

Lani Longshore TARDIS tea ball

My son gave me this TARDIS tea ball. I used it for tea once and decided it was more pleasant to look at it than to clean it. It is now a decoration in my kitchen. This is the first year I’ve displayed it on the tree.

Here is my gift to you – a link to The National French Toast Alert System. Plug in your zip code and find out if it is cold enough to stock up on milk, bread and eggs (the usual items people seem to grab when the weather gets cold and nasty). Enjoy the holiday season, no matter what you celebrate.

Luck and wisdom!


August 10, 2011

This is the beginning of harvest season for us. I gave up the back yard garden once the farmers market came to town, but we still have the fruit trees. Mind you, I do enjoy the fresh fruit, but this time of year I spend a lot of time picking, peeling and chopping.

In years past, I would bake a couple of pies, then freeze bags of applesauce. Then I moved to baking one pie, one crisp, and freezing bags of applesauce. Both kids are out of the house now and I still have a bag of applesauce from last year, so I’m thinking this season I’m going to dehydrate most of the apples. We’ve always done that with the pears, and sometimes with some of the apples. I love dried fruit, and my husband has developed a fondness for our dried apples. Also, I need something to put in the cookie jars.

Back when the kids were little and I baked cookies, the Frosted Fish Fannies jar always had something lovely inside. Then my tiny tots got big enough to snatch the cookies as soon as they had cooled down to eating temperature. The Frosted Fish Fannies jar sat on the counter, empty. Now the kids are on their own, neither my husband nor I need cookies, and not only is the Frosted Fish Fannies jar empty it is abandoned.

So, of course, I bought another cookie jar. The BBC America catalog came in the mail and I couldn’t resist the Talking TARDIS jar. It makes the wheezing sound of the TARDIS landing when you close the lid. Anyway, I really can’t justify two empty cookie jars taking up counter space, so I think I’ll store the dried fruit in them.

I managed to do one sewing project this week. I really did turn Rocket Chicken into a table cloth, just as I threatened in the last blog, by backing it with some fabric I bought years ago for a quilt I never made. I’m not sure one actually needs to name table cloths, but this one is special so I called it Rocket Chicken and the Cowgirls.

Now I’m off to the kitchen to peel some pears.