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When a Start = Success

June 14, 2017

I took a moment to celebrate Chocolate Ice Cream Day last week, hoping to calm my brain enough to do something creative. It worked. The next day, I had ideas for two small pieces. Yes, it’s only a start, but I’m counting it as a success.

I’ve been experimenting with sewing squares on acrylic felt, then melting the felt. This time, I thought I would lay down a grid of thread first, and put something on top of that. The dragon applique was just sitting there, so I stitched it over the grid.

This yellow fabric was on top of the scrap basket. I cut circles from it, and scattered them over the surface. There weren’t enough. “Self,” I said, “why not see if a circle of thread will work just as well as a circle of fabric.”

The next step was melting the felt with my craft heat gun. The dragon didn’t mind at all.

The yellow circles weren’t quite as pleased. I added a bead to make them feel better.

Here is the little circle of thread. It isn’t as noticeable as I expected. If I try this again, I’ll make the circle from parallel lines instead of one big meandering line.

Luck and wisdom!


February 20, 2013

Yes, more fabric vases. I found the right combination of darts and gathers to make the vase curve.

It curves!

It curves!

Cutting a wedge and satin-stitching the edges together gave me a much smoother curve.

Cutting wedges makes a smooth interior, too.

Cutting wedges makes a smooth interior, too.

Eight wedges are needed, and they’re bigger than you might expect:

wedge from fabric vase

The vase puckers a smidge when gathered. I’ll cut slightly larger wedges for future vases, but I have the essentials down. Now to look for embellishments.

Gathered, not beaded

Gathered, not beaded