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Pageant of the Lists

December 9, 2010

My niece Stephanie Mondrut started a Facebook thread about lists. Specifically, she asked if anyone else had one a mile long. I got to thinking about lists, and holidays, and holiday lists, and it seems to me we’re missing a great opportunity here. We need to create a new observance – the pageant of the lists.

I envision creating elaborate garments from old grocery lists, and hats bizarre enough for the Ascot races from school supply lists. And don’t even get me started on the entire pageant set I could build from the lists I need to make this time of year – week-long lists of things I must accomplish this very day (closer to Christmas these lists also include the hour by which things must be accomplished – it’s very sad).

In the meantime, I’m going to remind myself that – for the moment – I am keeping up with the lists. The Challenge group met yesterday, and I was able to show a nearly completed project.

The assignment dealt with dreams. Some of my dreams make interesting sci fi stories, but none of them would translate to quilts easily, so I let my fabric guide me instead. I showed you the beginning earlier (Cleaning for Mom). I thought of the Australian indigenous people’s dreamtime, and also of the movie Inception, with layers of dreams. The panels represent those concepts.

The first layer

The layers revealed

I still need to bind and embellish the quilt – and find a good name for it – but it was finished enough to show the group, and that’s good enough for me.

Another task that I could cross off was bringing out some of the Christmas decorations. My husband already decorated the tree, so that kind of inspired me to put decorating higher up on the list. Then I went to the craft store and found some LED branches, and I was really inspired. (It also helped that I needed to get the craft store supplies off the cutting table so I could finish the Christmas ornaments so that I can have a clear space to wrap presents.)

The Russian side of my brain reminds me that there are still more than two weeks to go before Christmas, and that the rest of my obligations don’t disappear during the holiday, so I’d best not get too proud. The irony gods hate pride – this I know from experience. Therefore, I will continue to tend to my colonies of lists, and hope all of you have a happy (and organized) holiday season!