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The Magical Thinking of Squirrels

June 11, 2014


In a past life, I must have been a squirrel. I keep burying treasures all over my sewing room and expect to find them, which is the essence of magical thinking. Since I don’t always receive the miracle of unearthing just what I need when I need it, I decided to try another version of magical thinking at the last guild silent auction. I put a small bid on every cross-stitch and embroidery package I saw, then walked away. If I won, it was because the universe wanted me to have it.

I won all of them.

Each package contains a random collection of floss, Aida cloth, a few patterns, and one or more surprise pieces (not all of which I recognize). I thought about hiding each package in a different part of the sewing room to increase the chance I would find some embroidery supplies when I need them. So far I’ve squelched my inner squirrel, but you can never tell. The lure of magical thinking is hard to resist.

My own version of a sampler

My own version of a sampler

Luck and wisdom!