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Happy Solstice!

June 21, 2017

The sun is making itself known in these parts. The temperatures have been at or near triple digits for most of the week. While I am definitely solar-powered (if the sun isn’t up, neither am I), my productivity is restricted to a narrow range of temperature. Light, good; heat, bad. Also cold, bad – but that’s a story for another season. Basically, if it isn’t 72 degrees and gorgeous, I start whining. That is why my summer sun quilt block looks a little like a sci fi creation.

With the light come tentacles of heat

Still, any excuse for a celebration is okay with me. The summer fruit is lovely, and I have my Build-It-Yourself Stonehenge. This year, I added Godzilla.

Starting the summer with a stomp

Luck and wisdom!

A Time To Sparkle

December 21, 2016

Happy Solstice! Over the years, I’ve become entirely solar-powered – if the sun isn’t up, don’t expect me to be. While I don’t actually believe the sun won’t come back if I don’t do my bit to help, I do enjoy putting lights and other decorations around the house. Here is a sampling:

Lani Longshore stuffed reindeer

Rather than amassing my reindeer collection, which takes more open space than I will ever have, this year I decided to scatter selections throughout the house.

Lani Longshore moose reindeer vase

Here is another grouping. Yes, the stuffed toy is actually a moose. I don’t care. One day I might even make a reindeer-moose convergence quilt for the holidays.

Lani Longshore birds in basket

I also have a bird collection, and a basket collection. Combining the two seemed reasonable.

Lani Longshore TARDIS tea ball

My son gave me this TARDIS tea ball. I used it for tea once and decided it was more pleasant to look at it than to clean it. It is now a decoration in my kitchen. This is the first year I’ve displayed it on the tree.

Here is my gift to you – a link to The National French Toast Alert System. Plug in your zip code and find out if it is cold enough to stock up on milk, bread and eggs (the usual items people seem to grab when the weather gets cold and nasty). Enjoy the holiday season, no matter what you celebrate.

Luck and wisdom!

Solstice, Santa and SAD

December 24, 2014

Aside from the spiritual significance of this time of year, for me it’s the season of the solstice, Santa and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I love the holidays, but lack of sunlight is a problem (the cold doesn’t help). This year, I decided to take the advice I’ve given to others and began a yellow project.

Another of my grandmother's UFOs

Another of my grandmother’s UFOs

Apparently surrounding yourself with yellow helps with mild cases. Getting more light does, too, but if you’ve got more than the winter doldrums give yourself the gift of medical attention. We spend so much time taking care of others, we need to remember to take care of ourselves.

Jingle them bells!

Jingle them bells!

Some people collect Santa figurines – I collect reindeer and moose (although the kids swear I only have moose). This year I also acquired a jingle ring that is less fun to wear than I expected. It now graces this reindeer’s antler.

My colors of Christmas

My colors of Christmas

Years ago I made Christmas stockings for the family. I really like the one I made for me, but I saw this purple stocking in the grocery store. On sale. “Self,” I asked myself, “how can you resist?” I decided I couldn’t, and bought it.

Beads and markers can do anything

Beads and markers can do anything

After I finished wrapping and baking and cleaning, I had a few minutes to myself. The small black canvas reappeared as I was searching through one of the piles, I had some beads out, and I found the right glue (and my copper marker), so I entertained myself with a little solstice decoration. Take time to enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate in your own way!

Luck and wisdom!