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Return of the Forgotten Things

December 10, 2014

I went through the two small drawers in my sewing table, and discovered they are magic. When I’ve opened them in the past, they presented a collection of straight pins, sewing machine feet, screwdrivers, and the occasional hidden candy bar. When I started taking things out, however, I discovered a cache of items I lost so long ago I forgot I had them.

Lani Longshore scissors

There are scissors in some of my project bags, scissors with a project I’m working on in the family room, and scissors next to the sewing machine. Now these two little critters show up, and I have no idea when I got them. Nor do I have any idea when I acquired two boxes of replacement cutter blades. I never can find them when the need arises.

Lani Longshore needles

The same with needles – I’ve been nursing my favorite hand quilting needle because I thought it was the last one. Where were these two months ago? In the drawer, obviously, but covered by what cloak of invisibility? I can understand one package of needles hiding in the far corner of the drawer, but half a dozen?

The good news is I’m not the only one discovering forgotten things. My mother was looking for wrapping paper, and discovered a stash of Christmas fabric instead. She says it is part of the collection I gave her a few years ago when she wanted to make Christmas totes. She decided to cut a large enough square for the gifts and tie it with a gold ribbon. Some people send fruitcakes back and forth – Mom and I send fabric.

Lani Longshore Christmas fabric

I opened one of the presents early – the decoration package. My mom makes ornaments every year for us. This year it is a free-standing ornament, and the first decoration I put on display.

Thank you, Mom!

Thank you, Mom!

Luck and wisdom!