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Serenity R Not Us

May 4, 2020

One thing the pandemic has taught me is that I am not cut out for meditation. We’re talking epic fail here. I’ve read all the advice about quieting the monkey brain, and all I can say is monkeys wish they had my brain. It’s like spending the day with a three year-old. “How many breaths did I take? Did I exhale as long as I inhaled? Can I exhale longer? How gold is the golden thread of energy reaching down for me? Is the earth energy brown or green? Look, a squirrel! No, wait, I’m the squirrel!” You don’t even want to know what it sounds like when my characters join in, begging me to write down that last thought because they want it, then arguing about who will get the line. I thought my tinnitus would be the main obstacle to achieving a state of serenity, but it’s not even close. The voices of my characters, my inner critic, my inner muse, and my inner toddler totally drown out the ringing in my ears – and just about everything else as well.

May the 4th be with you!

The Joy of the Back-up Plan

August 26, 2015

Three – count them, three! – projects presented a back-up plan for my consideration this week. Joy abounds.

Now this is the way to cut corners!

Now this is the way to cut corners!

The embroidery project that was marked in ink came first. Alert reader Violet Carr Moore suggested using hair spray to get rid of the ink. I thought about it, but I quilted the project before I soaked it. I’m pretty sure the ink would seep into the batting, and there isn’t enough hair spray in the world to deal with it. So, I trimmed the piece and put triangles on over the marked corners.

The block is finished, I'm still serene, all is well

The block is finished, I’m still serene, all is well

Next came my serenity story block. My art quilt critique group pointed out a section of a strip of hand-painted raw silk that would work. I beaded three spirals and found some hand-dyed solid strips that went well with a piece of Asian-inspired fabric.

Lani Longshore sashiko sample

Finally, although I am disappointed that I won’t be able to take the sashiko workshop at Amador Valley Quilters I found another piece of Asian-inspired fabric that has a section I can use for a do-it-myself class sample. It won’t be the same as sharing a day of stitching with friends and a good teacher, but it will use up stuff I already have. If I really enjoy it, I can always buy more supplies. If not, well, one less piece of fabric in the pile.

Luck and wisdom!

Serenity Is Driving Me Nuts

August 19, 2015

I’m making a story block for a Progressive Party assignment. The block can be any size, any style, but it has to have a story behind it. I came up with a title – Serenity with Beads – and a story. The day of my husband’s back surgery, I was filled with calm. I knew everything would be fine. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did. Friends and family sometimes have visions, so I accepted that this was my message from the universe. This was the feeling I wanted to convey in my block.

This is my first attempt at making the block.

All that is left of my calm feelings

All that is left of my calm feelings

If something could go wrong, it did. I finally put the pieces in the trash where they belong. My next attempts at designing a block went equally awry. I suppose it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. The last time I tried to create a piece that conveyed serenity, I nearly lost my mind.

Now it's peaceful

Now it’s peaceful

I almost called the quilt Obsession, because I was determined to make it work regardless of the pain (and the stream of naughty words coming from the sewing room). Every seam was a struggle, every unit fought me, every fabric demanded to be a focus fabric.

There are still a few weeks until the Progressive block is due. Some of my quilting buddies gave me good advice on my next attempt. Also, I have a back-up plan.

Falling leaves convey peacefulness, right?

Falling leaves convey peacefulness, right?

If push comes to shove, I’ll border this cross-stitch with soothing fabrics, sew on a few beads, and call it good. And never, ever plan a project called Serenity again.

Luck and wisdom!