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Can I Have Enough Bling?

December 5, 2018

I have a reputation for embellishing a project to within an inch of its life. While I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I do love bling on my art quilts. The quilt I’m working on now, however, may shake my style.

This is a block in my Progressive Party project on the theme of The Mummy (1932, starring Boris Karloff). The quilt is gorgeous, but I’ve found that beads (or sequins) can enhance almost anything. It appears I’ve met the exception to that rule. I put a row of sequins on the eyelid of this block and thought, “Self, that’s enough.”

I went to another block, one with lots of empty space, and started beading. Now this block is whispering that I should stop. So far I’m listening, but it is rather a shock to think I’ve got a quilt with enough bling.

Luck and wisdom!

A Sense of Place

November 21, 2012

The Challenge project for December is to represent a real place in fabric – city, country, whatever. I thought I would use the assignment to finally make a quilt about our family reunion in Alaska. I brought out the fabrics:

and the embellishments:

Then I found the notes I made from the book Maphead by Ken Jennings. The book is great, with lovely maps that could become quilts, and terms that could become quilt titles (“wanderwhim” as opposed to “wanderlust” – is that great or what). I stared at the first strip of my Alaska quilt –

– and realized that I have no sense of place (or direction – I still get lost in Livermore, and I’ve lived here almost thirty years). Home is where I am, wherever that may be. I’ve moved around enough that I don’t get attached to any particular location. So I sliced up the strip and will make small projects.

These small projects will represent my approach to place. I look for one familiar thing to make sense of all the unfamiliar things. If I’m very lucky, I’ll interpret my environment correctly, although I have been known to find the worst part of any town purely by accident when left to my own wanderings.

These projects will also give me a chance to play with embellishments:

Those are fireflies on the ribbon – they glow in the dark

and technique:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Although I don’t have a sense of place, I do have a good sense of where I like to be, and right now, that’s my studio.