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Rusty Skills and How To Fix Them

October 26, 2016

Norma from She Sews You Know asked her readers what they did to repurpose old clothes. Since I repurpose old clothes to the Goodwill Store if they’re usable, and the scrap or rag bag if they’re not (the scrap bag being the one I save for quilt projects and the rag bag being the one I save for cleaning projects), I had to admit my sewing skills have become rusty. Then I saw an ad from C&T press.

Lani Longshore sewing book

Making clothes was never a joy for me, but I’ve accepted that there aren’t many designers focusing on my specific demographic. I also know that I am adventurous in my art quilts, not so much with the colors and prints I put on my body. So, I’m going to start polishing those sewing skills and see where it leads me. I’ve already taken a few baby steps toward that goal.

Lani Longshore cosmetics bag

I took one of my inherited zippers and some pink scraps and made myself a new cosmetic/travel bag. It’s small – 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 3″ – but that’s more than enough room. My beauty supplies are limited to hand cream and a couple of lipsticks. I save the big bags for my quilting projects.

Lani Longshore carryall

This is the latest bag for take-along projects. Sally Kimball gave me the pattern and inserts. This project taught me the value of really reading the directions, not sorta kinda maybe reading them as you are going along. While I managed to make everything fit together, it was often an exercise in humility.

Lani Longshore carryall interior

Luck and wisdom!

Closer to Finished

September 21, 2016

Thanks to good friend, writer and quilter Sally Kimball, I am closer to being finished with one of my Colors of the Vineyard challenges. She gave me a blue solid to use as an under quilt. I’m planning to hand quilt it (those marks are made with chalk that releases from the fabric easily – I checked first, then marked).

Sorta, kinda, maybe a modern quilting design

Sorta, kinda, maybe a modern quilting design

Here is the lesson for the day – always bring your fabrics/quilts/threads/embellishments with you when choosing a companion piece. If I hadn’t had the little tree quilt with me, I would never have believed that the blue would work.

I like the effect, and I think the tree does, too

I like the effect, and I think the tree does, too

I hope to be closer to finishing the other quilts in the series, especially the one based on Art Map Quilts by Valerie S. Goodwin, in a week or so. I brought the map quilt to my Art Critique group and received some terrific advice. My task is to make time to use that good advice. This is the perfect opportunity, now that it is the first day of fall and the temperatures are dropping, and before it gets too close to the holidays.

The picture is fine – I designed the quilt off-center

Luck and wisdom!