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The Rainbow Project

August 28, 2013

I like fish fabric. For years, I’ve collected yardage of trout, angel fish, koi, sharks – even whales and dolphins although they are mammals, not fish. For years, I’ve snuck the odd piece into other projects when I was low on ideas for my fish series. Now, I have the Challenge Group Rainbow Project.


Lani Longshore trout fabric


It turns out these are speckled trout, but a few swipes with some watercolor pencils and they become rainbow trout. I also got to use the remnants of some rainbow ribbon, which made me very happy.


Lani Longshore rainbow trout


The quilter's rainbow trout

The quilter’s rainbow trout

When the fish top was pieced, I decided I needed to do a project that followed the rules of the Challenge. We were tasked with using all the colors of the rainbow, not just the theme of rainbow. My job was made easier in that some of the scraps on my cutting board could be drafted for a rainbow-esque treatment.


Lani Longshore rainbow music


Lani Longshore rainbow music detail

The deadline for this project is October, so there’s a chance I might have these pieces quilted, bound and embellished by then. It won’t happen today, however, because we’re having company for the Scottish Games, and my sewing room is going to become a guest room for the weekend – assuming I can find a wormhole in the fabric of the universe to hide all my treasures.