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The Suck It Up, Buttercup Effect

October 11, 2017

I made a public announcement that I would have two (2) quilts ready for our guild’s annual charity donation. The tops were finished, but I still had to quilt and bind them. The deadline is next month, but knowing what a procrastinator I am, I gave myself a stern talk. “Will it be easier to finish the quilts tomorrow, Self? The next day? The next week? What’s wrong with now? Suck it up, Buttercup, and get them done.”

Amazingly enough, it worked. Both are finished.

The Twist-and-Turn pattern is great for making quilts you intend to be used. You can let the fabric do the work.

The backing is made from black and yellow prints like the binding – stars, polka dots and squares.

Here is the binding I used on the cowgirl quilt I showed a couple of weeks ago. It was the only piece in the collection large enough to cut all the strips. Now the quilt is finished and the collection has been reduced to a couple of strips. Mission accomplished.

Luck and wisdom!


Fighting Procrastination

September 13, 2017

I’ve known for ages that I’m pathetic without a deadline. No matter how good my intentions, if there isn’t a date circled on the calendar the project may not get started (much less finished). This year I took a position on the board of my quilt guild, so I’m using that to fight procrastination – and use some of the fabric in my stash – by declaring my intention to make at least two quilts for the guild’s charity drive at Christmas.

Cut patches, ready to sew

I found these cowgirls and some blue squares in a plastic bag on the shelf.

Cut squares, sewn in pairs, multiplying before my eyes

Who knows where they came from, or what I intended to do with them. All I know is that I looked at the bag and said, “Self, you can let these go. Someone else will be much happier with the quilt than you could ever be.” I started with the dimensions the charities prefer and worked backwards. This is the quilt-in-progress.

Cowgirl quilt in progress

I have a gazillion collections of fabric that still appeal to me, but not as much as when I bought them. Having it all languish on my shelf makes no sense when there are plenty of organizations in my community that want quilts. Turning these collections into charity quilts gives me the pleasure of using the fabric without the burden of figuring out what to do with it. I’m also training myself to fight procrastination – a lesson that I need to relearn on a regular basis.

Luck and wisdom!

Ahead of Schedule

April 9, 2014


This has been one of those weeks where I check the calendar twice to make sure I haven’t forgotten something. Projects for friendship groups? Check. Deadlines for bills? Check. Short story for anthology submission? Check. The squirrelly part of my brain is chittering, “What are you forgetting? What are you forgetting?”

Until I figure out what I’ve forgotten, I’m collecting fabric for the next projects on the list.

Christmas project, take one

Christmas project, take one

This is the first run at my mother’s Christmas present. She sent me a sample of the colors she wanted. The peach is the right shade, but I’m not sure it is the right print. The luxury of knowing I have time to find a better fabric is worth more than chocolate.

The little scraps will find a home

The little scraps will find a home

The next Challenge project is on the theme of water. I have had this box of sky and water scraps sitting on the shelf for a very long time. It was high on the list of boxes that had to be cleared out. The joy of having one’s procrastination rewarded is almost as wonderful as the luxury of extra time.

Luck and wisdom!


Enlightened Procrastination

September 28, 2011

Joseph J. Ellis uses the phrase “enlightened procrastination” in Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation to describe how John Adams kept the infant U.S. from going to war with France by not revealing a series of insults from the French government until time and diplomacy could resolve the issues. It worked for Adams and I believe it can work for quilters.

I stitched the final border of my tile quilt and was looking forward to finding a backing. I showed my husband, and he suggested adding another border. Nothing I had would work, and I still thought the top was done. Then life got in the way of quilting and I put the top aside. I told myself I would go shopping for an appropriate border and if other fabrics leaped off the shelves into my arms, well, who could blame me for bringing some home?

Then mom and I went to the Diablo Valley Quilt show, where the border fabric waited.

Mom likes it, my husband likes it, even the quilt top seems to think it’s the right thing. I haven’t decided on width or mitering, but at least I’m pleased with the project again.

Enlightened procrastination wins once more.