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Counting pin cushion chickens

October 13, 2011

I expected to get back in the swing of things this week. I assumed that my cough would go away. I was counting chickens before they were hatched. Wa-a-a-ay before they were hatched.

My favorite chicken to count

The cough has gone away, but not before it worked itself up to a right powerful hissy fit. I wrenched my back, and discovered that pain doesn’t contribute to creativity. It also doesn’t contribute to a clean house, or meeting deadlines.

Although I couldn’t clean the sewing room, or finish any projects, I could wander in on my little walks around the house (the only exercise I could manage). On one of those walks I became aware of pin cushions – specifically, of my pin cushion collection. Like most of the collections in my sewing room, it is accidental. One day I’m happily using the box the pins came in for storage, and the next I have more options for holding pins than I have pins to be held (well, almost). Most of them were gifts – I believe I actually bought the chicken shown above, although I can’t for the life of me remember why.

These two are handmade, and were gifts:

Heart and flower

The little felted ball was a gift, but the jar may have been a door prize:

This is the device I use most for pins, mainly because it holds plain old straight pins. I use them most often because I don’t mind destroying them. Somehow, it always seems that the glass-headed pins are too pretty to bend, fold, spindle and otherwise mutilate.

The purple pin eater

Now that I mention it, pretty pins aren’t the only things I hoard. There’s pretty fabric and pretty ribbons and pretty beads, to name a few. That’s why my sewing room is in such a state, of course. And as soon as I can think about more than my next dose of ibuprofen, I’m going to do something about it.