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July 16, 2014


The universe gave me some lovely gifts this week. The first two will find their way to other people, the last will stay with me.

Lani Longshore beaded green quilt

I finished the beading for this project last week. This week I found the perfect green to use as a base quilt. As the beads and fabric told me what they wanted me to do with them, I realized they were also telling me they could be a gift for a talented artist I’ve known since elementary school.

Lani Longshore spice basket

My daughter gave this basket of spices as a thank-you gift to a mutual friend. I helped her put it together with jars and a basket I had in the sewing room.

Lani Longshore fabric

The last gift is a new-to-me technique. My quilt guild is making pillow cases for a community outreach for local veterans. I read the instructions more in dread than anticipation. I couldn’t visualize how the fabric in the photo above could go from this:

Lani Longshore pillow case tube

to this:

Lani Longshore pillow case

Despite my misgivings, the technique is simple and fast. You can find the pattern on many sites, but click here for the About Quilting version. May you all be equally blessed in the weeks to come.

Luck and wisdom!


Surprise Endings

June 8, 2011

I woke up Tuesday morning with pieces that might be useful for my Challenge project. The meeting started at 10 am, and I am not a morning person. My best creative times don’t start until after brunch. Still, I padded to the sewing room and stared at the stuff on the design wall. A thought wiggled itself into a plan – I could take the embroidered portrait, put it in a frame, and call it done.

I found a frame that would work, sewed a border on the embroidered portrait, and tried to assemble the piece. The operative word here is tried. No matter what I did, it looked ghastly. Then the frame acquired a little chip, and I called it done.

Plan B – I put a border around the foot drawing and auditioned fabric to create some sort of collage effect. The first fabric looked like very old, very out-of-style wallpaper.

Plan C – I went with the wallpaper.

I have collections of small pictures which are hung in tight groupings, and that’s what this quilt is supposed to evoke. I finished in time for me to get to the meeting, so I’m happy enough. It wasn’t what I intended when I started the project, but that’s okay.

My son helped me get another project finished in an unintended way. He saw a little Halloween experiment that I made years ago, mostly inspired by these fabrics:

He said he liked it. I said I could quilt it for him. He said, “How about making a pillow case?” So I did:

The top was long enough but not wide enough, but I had other Halloween fabrics that worked. A medium strip down the back was sufficient, and now one more UFO is done.

I’m not counting how many are left to go.