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The bad fairy of good intentions

August 5, 2010

This has been a productive week in many respects, but not on purpose.

To begin with, I seriously fat-fingered the keyboard. We are digitizing our family photos, and I am in the process of annotating my mother’s family albums. The best way to do that and not go insane is to work in batches. I did that four times in a row; the fifth time, for reasons known only to the Irony Gods, I hit the accept button before I put in a range. As a result, I imported 600 photos to my edit file.

This would be disaster enough, but it gets worse. As well as having all those photos waiting for me, in limbo between being saved for posterity and lost forever in the electronic ether, any new photos that I might upload will go to this same editing file. I was told this was for my convenience, since having one place where all photos could be tagged, logged, cropped, commented upon or otherwise dealt with is more efficient. No one thought of what would happen if I hit the wrong button, which I do on an alarmingly regular basis.

As a result, I have been frantically annotating photos. By yesterday afternoon, I was down to 125. That doesn’t leave much time for clearing out the sewing room, and since I’ve been working on kits and quilts, it’s a true bear pit in there. So, this week I’m going to post from my past.

This quilt is The Painted Ladies.

Ann Anastasio gave the Challenge Group a picture of houses in San Francisco. We sliced the photo into strips, and eleven of us each made a strip. We drew lots, and I won the strips. After it was finished, a member of our group who had moved back to France asked if she could exhibit it at a show there. I’ve never been to France, but at least my quilt has.

Next is Untitled with Fish.

I collected fish fabric for years. When my mother-in-law learned that fact, she suggested I make a quilt embellished with fishing lures. When my neighbor heard about that, she went out and bought me a collection of the shiniest fishing lures she could find. The clerk at the store was appalled at the thought of those lovely lures sewn on to a quilt, but I think they look quite nice. Children also find it attractive, with all those colorful dangling bits and the sparkling metal bits (no, not the hooks – I cut them off). Untitled hasn’t traveled abroad, but it has journeyed to a couple of show-and-tells at elementary schools, as well as a few quilt guilds.

I should be done with the photos by next week and able to upload new pictures. With any luck, I’ll have had some time to get into the sewing room and will have something worth photographing. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my little strolls into the past, both with my family photos and my quilts.