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Additions to the Moose Collection

August 9, 2017

The family had a reunion in Montana this summer, and I found some nifty additions for my moose collection.

I found this cool moose ornament at the gift shop at Glacier National Park. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were designed by a quilter.

These socks were in the same gift shop. While it is far too hot to actually wear them, I can admire them. Now you can, too.

Luck and wisdom!

Where Random Things Go To Live

September 11, 2013

That’s how my daughter described my decorating style. It does me no good to deny it, so instead I’m turning that bug into a feature. I will revel in my ability to see patterns in otherwise unconnected items. Here is the item that started the conversation:


Celtic knots in brass

Celtic knots in brass


I decided to buy this brass wall hanging rather than the first one that caught my eye, which was a castle with beads on its turret spires. This piece has beads –


Connecting beads

Connecting beads


– but the casual visitor’s eye will sweep over it to the next delightful piece in the room. Or so I tell myself. Some of the next delightful pieces are from a long-expired balloon bouquet –


Stars on the piano

Stars on the piano


– and a visit to a fossil museum gift shop –


My very own fossil

My very own fossil


– so perhaps I am overestimating the ability of the casual visitor to see the patterns I see.


My studio might be a better place to start. At least I have two kinds of ships, and two is a beginning of a pattern. Here is a ship for my space series:


Space ships for the Christmas tree

Space ships for the Christmas tree


This ship might also appear in my space series, especially the quilts I make to illustrate my novel-in-progress about space Vikings.


More embellishments for quilts

Another embellishment for a quilt


On the other hand, perhaps I should accept that there is a reason I’m not an interior designer.



December 12, 2012

I love made-up math days. Ever since the turn of the millennium (and doesn’t that have a lovely ring to it?) I’ve looked forward to the triple digit days. This is the last, although we still have 11/12/13 next year, and 12/13/14 the year after.

While I won’t ascribe cosmic significance to the day (even though it would be fun to try), I can say that it’s been a pretty good week. We got the Christmas tree. It isn’t decorated yet, but the pagan in me always enjoys just having the tree in the house, in all its evergreen glory.

My druid ancestors would be happy

My druid ancestors would be happy

The dog isn’t too excited, but at least she’s leaving it alone.

Such a bored critter

Such a bored critter

I don’t have my moose/reindeer collection out, mainly because the garage is full of the kids’ stuff and I couldn’t get to it. However, I bought a moose ornament over the summer, so that is representing all of its sisters.

moose ornament

Finally, I had an idea of a different kind of vase I could make when a few scraps of ribbon got piled up in the same corner.


I haven’t figured out what I want for a base yet, but I’m confident that will be revealed in good time. For now, I am enjoying a rare moment of calm, peace and joy in the holiday season. I hope y’all are too, and have a great triple digit day.

BSOs and UFOs

March 28, 2012

I felt guilty about clutter this week, perhaps because I admitted sweeping stuff into a box so I could quilt. Since I didn’t have a complete idea for the quilting pattern anyway, when I got to the part where a little more thinking was required I multi-tasked and sorted out the box while I mulled over what to do next. This is the result:

You can see the floor!

The ideal quilt pattern still hadn’t presented itself, so I continued to sort. It was at this point that I realized how much of my life is ruled by BSOs (bright shiny objects) and UFOs (unfinished objects). In clearing out some of the clutter on the sewing table, I found these:

These are celtic-themed stamps and some glittery ink. I bought the set long enough ago that I can’t remember any of the details. I think it was at the Caledonian Club Scottish Games, and I suspect I had an idea for a project. I know my little hand stuffed them into my shopping basket because the ink is shiny and the designs are cool. I also know that the reason they were hiding under a pile is that I had another UFO with a more pressing deadline to finish before I could start the project that required stamping. Then they got buried. The good news is I still have an idea for a project that could require those stamps.

I sorted a few more things and ran across this:

This is an ornament that I bought because it is shiny. And a bear. And shiny. The good news here is Christmas is scheduled for this December again so I will be able to put it on the tree. Perhaps by then the ideal quilting pattern for my mosaic tile quilt will make itself known and I can scratch one more UFO off the list.

Camels and Whales and Tree Glitz, Oh My

December 22, 2010

Since the kids are home, and I know for a fact they won’t be reading this until I point it out to them, I can show off the Christmas ornaments Mom and I made in October without ruining the surprise.

I’ve been itching to get these out and deck the tree, especially the glitzy ones:

The sewing room is filled with wrapping paper, ribbon and gift tags at the moment, but at least there aren’t any ghosts of quilt projects past in the way. Come the new year, I’ll be able to get back to finishing projects (oh, stop laughing) and organizing (really, get a grip).

I wish I could say the same about my kitchen. It will take weeks to clear out that mess, and I still have more cooking to do! This last week I have been baking my traditional gingerbread Christmas camels. I added a friend, too:

My college roommate’s mother used to send her camel sugar cookies. I thought they were wonderful, and when I found a camel cookie cutter I decided to use it for the Christmas gingerbread. It has now become a standard in our house. I usually do trees and reindeer, too, but this year I added the Christmas whale. One of the kid’s friends was talking about the Raffi Christmas music they liked as preschoolers, and that reminded me of “Baby Beluga” (come on, sing the chorus in your head with me – it might even displace “Jingle Bell Rock” for a few minutes), and that means we have Christmas whales on the menu.

As my last bit of tidying up for the year, I finally went to the “About Me” page and posted something other than the generic form that had been living there for months. Once again, we take our victories where we can.

Pageant of the Lists

December 9, 2010

My niece Stephanie Mondrut started a Facebook thread about lists. Specifically, she asked if anyone else had one a mile long. I got to thinking about lists, and holidays, and holiday lists, and it seems to me we’re missing a great opportunity here. We need to create a new observance – the pageant of the lists.

I envision creating elaborate garments from old grocery lists, and hats bizarre enough for the Ascot races from school supply lists. And don’t even get me started on the entire pageant set I could build from the lists I need to make this time of year – week-long lists of things I must accomplish this very day (closer to Christmas these lists also include the hour by which things must be accomplished – it’s very sad).

In the meantime, I’m going to remind myself that – for the moment – I am keeping up with the lists. The Challenge group met yesterday, and I was able to show a nearly completed project.

The assignment dealt with dreams. Some of my dreams make interesting sci fi stories, but none of them would translate to quilts easily, so I let my fabric guide me instead. I showed you the beginning earlier (Cleaning for Mom). I thought of the Australian indigenous people’s dreamtime, and also of the movie Inception, with layers of dreams. The panels represent those concepts.

The first layer

The layers revealed

I still need to bind and embellish the quilt – and find a good name for it – but it was finished enough to show the group, and that’s good enough for me.

Another task that I could cross off was bringing out some of the Christmas decorations. My husband already decorated the tree, so that kind of inspired me to put decorating higher up on the list. Then I went to the craft store and found some LED branches, and I was really inspired. (It also helped that I needed to get the craft store supplies off the cutting table so I could finish the Christmas ornaments so that I can have a clear space to wrap presents.)

The Russian side of my brain reminds me that there are still more than two weeks to go before Christmas, and that the rest of my obligations don’t disappear during the holiday, so I’d best not get too proud. The irony gods hate pride – this I know from experience. Therefore, I will continue to tend to my colonies of lists, and hope all of you have a happy (and organized) holiday season!