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A digression – Fabric challenge with the Maniacal Cackling Quilt Ladies

August 8, 2012

The Progressive Party – one of my friendship groups – decided to do a fabric challenge. We have a lot of fun joking and teasing each other – our nickname really is the Maniacal Cackling Quilt Ladies – so I knew having us each choose a fabric to give the others would bring on the giggles. Here’s what we started with:

Our rules are simple. The beginning has to use at least four of the challenge fabrics, making up at least 30% of the area. The rest of the fabrics have to appear somewhere in the top. That’s it. Here is what I made for a start:

The Progressive Party passes around the projects so everyone in the group gets to work on them. This is the piece I will work on next:

The owner of this project wants us to make blocks for her. I get to choose from the challenge fabrics and the ones she put in her bag. Her bag, by the way, is exceptionally cool:

The reason for this digression is not the Olympics, although I have watched a few things (the dancing horses are always fun). If all goes as planned, I’ll be on holiday at my husband’s family reunion the day I post this. I’ve spent the week getting my travel lists and travel jitters in order. Lucky for me I had an evening of total relaxation with my friendship group. Once I return it’s back to the sorting, but for now, it’s laughter all the way.