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The Universe Is Laughing

April 1, 2015

The universe played quite an April Fool’s joke. Last week I wrote about my fear of new projects. This week, I have another new project. That roar you hear isn’t thunder, it’s the universe laughing at me.

Lani Longshore wood shavings

My husband gave me these lovely wood shaving strips. They are so thin and flexible he thought I could sew through them. They came from the cabinet doors he is making.

Lani Longshore doors

I’ve been saving a bag of leather scraps that he gave me at the end of another project a long time ago.

Lani Longshore leather scraps

I know these two will look fabulous together. How they’ll look fabulous – not a clue.

Luck and wisdom!

Bamboo and Roses

August 13, 2014

Before I left for a family reunion, I separated the pink pile. Not all the fabrics went together, but this collection of bamboo and roses works for me.

Lani Longshore pink fabrics

Since I only get to start the project, I decided to do something simple. I find it easier to build on someone else’s work if there is an unfinished corner somewhere, or if the piece begs for a border.

Lani Longshore bamboo and roses center

With any luck, the next person in line for this project will find room for her creative impulses.

As for me, I discovered the little cross-stitch projects I lined up to help me over the back-from-vacation blues weren’t necessary. The Progressive Party did a tree exchange, and this is what I received.

Lani Longshore tree blocks

While I’m not certain where I’m going with these blocks, I know the journey will be fun.

Luck and wisdom!