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A New Challenge

February 16, 2011

This is the time of year when I review my New Year’s challenges (resolutions are too stern), and I must admit that I am failing to meet the “tidy the sewing room” challenge. Rather than get discouraged and abandon all the positive steps I’ve taken to becoming a cleaner me, I’ve given myself a new challenge. I asked my husband for a gift.

No, no, not a housekeeper. I’m certain I could never keep one. Those capable of actually taming the mess would realize they have more to live for than that, and the rest would go screaming into the night after the first month.

Instead, I asked for a CD player.

My husband has most of our music collection downloaded onto the computer, where theoretically it is available to be played almost anywhere in the house. I say theoretically because while I married into a technically competent family, I am the least gadget-adept person I know. If there’s an absolute wrong button to push, I will find it. I will also hit upon the combination of pushes that will ensure no one can undo the damage I’ve done. To add to my terror, in order to get music to the speakers in my sewing room, I have to successfully follow protocols on four different machines. After the first dozen failures, I learned to enjoy silence.

The reason for asking for a CD player now is not merely to put music back in my life. I asked for it as a Mother’s Day gift, which gives me three months to reinvigorate my cleaning program. I need to clear a proper space for the machine, as well as space to consolidate my CD collection.

My CD collection includes items my husband would prefer not to hear, like the songs from my youth, zydeco, and my vast collection of Celtic rock bands (really, crashing guitars and bagpipes, what’s not to love?). I keep all these things in my sewing room, and take them along in the car.

Some of the artists I like

At least, I take them when I remember. Like the UFOs stuck in the corner, there are CDs gathering dust that deserve better. I’ve got them on three separate shelves, some in bins, some in stacks. Although I’ve tried to keep some order to the bins and stacks, there is at least one that I’ve been trying to find for the last month, and I know there are many I’ve forgotten I own.

Treasures in hiding

So, on the theory that killing many birds with one stone is the best use of my time, I’ve given myself a new challenge for the sewing room, I’ve given my husband a suggestion for a Mother’s Day present, and I’ve given myself another shot at being surrounded by sound as well as fabric in the sewing room. Not bad for one little idea.

To clean by May