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Enlightened Procrastination

September 28, 2011

Joseph J. Ellis uses the phrase “enlightened procrastination” in Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation to describe how John Adams kept the infant U.S. from going to war with France by not revealing a series of insults from the French government until time and diplomacy could resolve the issues. It worked for Adams and I believe it can work for quilters.

I stitched the final border of my tile quilt and was looking forward to finding a backing. I showed my husband, and he suggested adding another border. Nothing I had would work, and I still thought the top was done. Then life got in the way of quilting and I put the top aside. I told myself I would go shopping for an appropriate border and if other fabrics leaped off the shelves into my arms, well, who could blame me for bringing some home?

Then mom and I went to the Diablo Valley Quilt show, where the border fabric waited.

Mom likes it, my husband likes it, even the quilt top seems to think it’s the right thing. I haven’t decided on width or mitering, but at least I’m pleased with the project again.

Enlightened procrastination wins once more.

From A to V

September 7, 2011

The applique tile quilt is taking over my life. That’s not bad, but it is odd. I’m used to getting psyched about a project, then having something else sneak in and become a time sink. That’s why there are stacks of UFOs all over my studio. Here is the latest block:

Here is the collection so far:

I am at work on the last block, and I have some ideas about the lattice and borders. I also came up with a design for the last of The Computer Ate My Homework series. With a little bit of luck and a whip-crack of discipline, I’ll get those done this coming week.

The 146th Caledonian Club Scottish Games were held over Labor Day weekend. One of their vendors, appropriately named B. Coole Designs, sells way cool patches. This year she had puns:

pi + rat = pirate

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the patch. I’m not really into pirates – haven’t been since the kids started making their own Halloween costumes – but how could I resist?

I am into Vikings, having been the affirmative action student at the last bastion of Norwegian imperialism on the North American continent – aka Saint Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, the town that shot up the James Gang (but that’s another story). One of the other vendors sold Viking-style costumes. I didn’t really want the costumes, but I did want the ribbons used to embellish some of the garments. A few booths down, I found some:

I may make a small quilt and steal the first vendor’s slogan – Vikings: still better than pirates or ninjas.

So there we are, the end of the run from applique to Vikings.