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Anxiety Lesson Two

October 5, 2016

Apparently I didn’t get a good enough grasp on being calm. This was another week of fret fests, although I am delighted to say one issue after another was solved with a minimum of fuss. My family calls me Anxiety Woman, able to leap to the worst possible conclusion in a single bound. In an attempt to train myself to react better next time, I pulled out all my old mantras for courage. Then a new one came my way, in the form of a tee shirt.

Lani Longshore tee shirt

I’m only marginally Celtic, but I’ll take anything that keeps me from running in circles. Even knowing that anger and anxiety are often linked (anger being a fear response in many cases), the shirt makes me laugh, and laughing makes me less anxious, and that’s always a good thing.

Another good thing was finishing one of my Colors of the Vineyard challenges (and I do mean finishing, not abandoning).

Lani Longshore tree

I sewed on the last bead, took a deep breath and said, “Self, this is good.” The sleeve is attached and the label will go on soon.

Lani Longshore tree detail

Even better, it is now a perfectly reasonable time to bring out the Halloween decorations. This year I’m adding a new item.

Lani Longshore pumpkin with crows

The pumpkin is molded from heavy plastic. The beads are ready-made appliques. I couldn’t decide between two of the offerings at the store, crows or bats, so I got both. After all, the pumpkin will be seen from several angles. Why have a blank side when I can have bling everywhere?

Lani Longshore pumpkin with bats

Luck and wisdom!

Low-Hanging Fruit

June 18, 2014


There are times when you forge ahead, knowing success will follow. This is not one of those times. This is the time to pick the low-hanging fruit and consider yourself lucky if the birds and squirrels left a piece or two.

Lani Longshore green silk

I ripped a couple of pieces of silk to dye. This one begged for beading. I found my collection of green beads, put them in a clear plastic bag, put that bag in a tote bag, and went off to a meeting. At the meeting, I couldn’t find the beads. Maybe they fell out, maybe they’re hiding under a flap or in a pocket.

Lani Longshore pink silk

This piece was intended to go with my collection of pink and brown fabrics, ribbons, buttons and other embellishments. The problem is, I don’t want to cut it, I want to wear it. I haven’t decided if that desire is strong enough for hand rolling the edges to make a scarf.

Before hopping on the pity train, I gave my project stash one last chance to be nice to me. I pulled out the piece from Alex Anderson‘s hand quilting workshop and wrote my mantra with watercolor pencils (at the very least it is what Ann Anastasio and I use when we sign our novels).

Lani Longshore mantra

Low-hanging fruit is always a blessing.

Luck and wisdom!