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Picking (Up) The Low-hanging Fruit

March 27, 2019

My plan to sort through the piles is working, and I think I’ve hit on the “organizational” scheme that will see me through. I’m working on the piles on the floor near my sewing machine. I can see them, reach them, and I’ll have instant feedback of success because there won’t be as much to leap over. This week I am working on two class projects that I determined from the beginning would become donation quilts. This is what the basket class project became:t

I found a cute flannel for the back, and decided to machine applique some of the animals in and around the baskets.

The binding is a stripe I had thought would make a good handle fabric. It didn’t, but I still wanted to use it, so binding it is. The top is busy enough that I did an overall loopedy-loop quilting design. The quilt is labeled and ready to donate, I’ve put away all the leftover fabrics, and I’m ready to start the next project. Is this what progress feels like?

Luck and wisdom!

Low-Hanging Fruit

June 18, 2014


There are times when you forge ahead, knowing success will follow. This is not one of those times. This is the time to pick the low-hanging fruit and consider yourself lucky if the birds and squirrels left a piece or two.

Lani Longshore green silk

I ripped a couple of pieces of silk to dye. This one begged for beading. I found my collection of green beads, put them in a clear plastic bag, put that bag in a tote bag, and went off to a meeting. At the meeting, I couldn’t find the beads. Maybe they fell out, maybe they’re hiding under a flap or in a pocket.

Lani Longshore pink silk

This piece was intended to go with my collection of pink and brown fabrics, ribbons, buttons and other embellishments. The problem is, I don’t want to cut it, I want to wear it. I haven’t decided if that desire is strong enough for hand rolling the edges to make a scarf.

Before hopping on the pity train, I gave my project stash one last chance to be nice to me. I pulled out the piece from Alex Anderson‘s hand quilting workshop and wrote my mantra with watercolor pencils (at the very least it is what Ann Anastasio and I use when we sign our novels).

Lani Longshore mantra

Low-hanging fruit is always a blessing.

Luck and wisdom!