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July 6, 2011

I tell new students that quilters don’t need patience, only perseverance. Case in point – the challenge project. Last week I lamented that the little covered notebook only used a few pieces from the pile. I decided I could do better than that, so I took out the second project from Linda Schmidt’s class at Art Quilt Santa Fe. We were working with tree, rock and river materials to create the illusion of depth. The project wasn’t going anywhere interesting until I added some fabrics and embellishments from the pile of stuff I collected for the challenge project:

Please note that this is a completed quilt – bound, sleeved and labeled. Yes, it is small, but I so rarely get a chance to say something is done, entirely done.

The next example of perseverance isn’t entirely done, but that’s because I need to make one last design decision. I’ve been writing a novel set on a planet where the dominant species is an insect. A big insect. My critique group couldn’t quite picture the critters, so I made a model. Well, I started a model. I got the body finished, then couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for the wings and the head. This week, I finished the wings:

N.Keli, my bug doll, waiting for her head

I made a head, too, but I didn’t like it, so I made another one. Then I couldn’t decide on the eyes. Here are my choices:

Better one . . .

Better two . . .

Better three

Feel free to vote on your favorite eyes. I’m determined to finish my bug doll this week.

My Tree Series

May 19, 2011

My father was a great photographer, and he especially like trees. I’ve always planned to make my own series of tree quilts – even have some fabric in a tote bag under the cutting table – but never quite got as far as a design. Thanks to Linda Schmidt’s class at Art Quilt Santa Fe, I now have the first quilt in my tree series completed.

Since there is already a lot of embellishment on this little thing, I kept the beading to a minimum. The fringe is one that I bought on speculation, as are the jewelry bits. I used a tapestry ribbon on two sides as a border, and a gauzy ribbon as a binding.

I brought home two other projects from Art Quilt Santa Fe, but first I need to tackle this:

Let’s hope the quilting fairies get here fast!

Art Quilt Santa Fe

May 12, 2011

When you see the notice for the next Art Quilt Santa Fe retreat, click on the “Sign Me Up Now!” button. You’ll be glad you did. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun or worked so hard. I didn’t even mind the snow.

Yes, it snowed the first day of the retreat, which was May 1. Luckily for me, the closest I had to get to the snow was through the window. It all melted the next day, but by then I was immersed in learning new things.

Linda Schmidt taught the first part of the week about unusual embellishments. I thought I knew a thing or two about that, but I had never made rocks from Tyvek envelopes or painted my own puff paint trees.

Michelle Jackson taught the second part of the week about creating painterly art quilts with fusing. Both teachers are incredibly generous with their time, advice and materials. I started out thinking these were good workshops, because I was learning new techniques. Then they became great workshops, because the class project really became my project. By the end of the week, I knew they were fabulous workshops – the projects took on lives of their own and started telling me how they wanted me to finish them when I got home. I hope to show you them in the next couple of weeks.

The other thing that came home with me from Santa Fe was a file of photos for inspiration, including a series of shots of the buffalo head in the state capitol building. This piece is made entirely from found objects.

I can’t imagine the workroom of the artist who created this, but I’m thinking that mine has almost as much stuff in it. Once I’ve finally remembered what it is I do around here, I may just see if I can’t make my own found object critter. At the very least, I have a renewed determination to clean the sewing room if only to find out what the forgotten treasures lurking in the corners could become.

A Schedule Derailed

September 29, 2010

This wasn’t going to be my most productive week in the sewing room. I pulled out boxes of fabric and knew they would take more time to organize than I had. Deadlines for other projects sat on the calendar, glaring at me. My to-do list ran to three pages.

You’re waiting for the punchline, I know you are. There isn’t one.

There is, however, good news to share which has nothing to do with my sewing room. My friend Ann Anastasio is co-producing a quilt retreat next May. It is called Art Quilt Santa Fe, and will be held at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino (near Santa Fe, New Mexico), May 1-6, 2011. The featured teachers will be Michelle Jackson and Linda Schmidt.

Ann Anastasio was my first quilt teacher, my first friend when I moved across country for my husband’s job, and still a good friend even though she moved half-way across the country for her husband’s job. Organizing a quilt retreat has been a dream of hers for years, and I couldn’t be happier that she and another friend have finally achieved their goal.

The website for the retreat is There are links to the teachers’ websites, as well as to Broken Dishes Repertory Theatre (, which will be performing at a gala banquet during the retreat. Broken Dishes is Ann and me.

Broken Dishes was my dream come true. When I’m not quiltiing I write stories, and I had always wanted to perform as well. Ann suggested we entertain at guilds, and with another quilter friend, Evelyn Judson, we started singing, dancing and telling stories about quilts. Evelyn then moved (also for her husband’s job), but Ann and I kept performing.

Many of my finished quilts were created for Broken Dishes programs or workshops. The chances of my finishing anything skyrocket if I have a deadline, and there’s nothing like planning to show off your work in front of other talented quilters to keep you moving forward! Here are some of my favorites:

The Birthday Button Cake

The Guilt Quilt

Plate Tectonics

So, my cleaning schedule got derailed, but life is still good. Next week, I hope to make more progress in the sewing room. Who knows, someday I might even get that room organized – then I can start on my writing area.

In my writing cave