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The Last Generation to Remember . . .

September 20, 2017

I heard a speaker lament that people his age would be the last generation to remember the world before the internet. More important to me as a quilter is that I am part of the last generation to remember the world before rotary cutters.

The tools that changed my quilting life

When I first started quilting, scissors ruled. I cut every piece one at a time. I drew cutting and sewing lines by hand. I pinned the living daylights out of every unit I sewed because they were all so dang small. Then my quilting teacher introduced me to rotary cutters. Life as I knew it changed forever.

More useful tools

Well, sort of. At the time I had very little disposable income, and getting a cutter and blades and rulers and a mat was outside the range of my budget. Soon after my first quilting class was over, however, I had squirreled away enough money for a small mat, one ruler, and a decent cutter. I never looked back.

Well, almost never.

Still useful, but not my go-to tool

Scissors still have a place in my sewing room, especially pretty ones. I like hand work, and having the right scissors for the right application makes the project even more pleasant. The important thing is it’s now my choice when to go old-school.

I’m not great with change. I didn’t get a cell phone until public phone boxes disappeared, and computer upgrades send me screaming into the night. With the example of the rotary cutter, however, I have the assurance that sometimes the end of the world as you know it isn’t such a bad thing.

Luck and wisdom!