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Spring Serendipity

March 29, 2017

My friend and co-author Ann Anastasio and I went to the Monet exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. On the way there, I noticed a house in the distance that had a striking orange paint scheme. “There’s a quilt in there,” I said. Spring Serendipity event #1, I saw this painting at the exhibit:

Regatta at Argenteuil, 1872 – postcard of painting

Here’s a closer look at the house. Although the one I saw was on a city street, not next to the water, I can still use this as a model for the quilt I would like to make.

The museum kindly sold me postcards of all the paintings that had elements I can use in projects I want to do. They would have sold me a book, too, but postcards are a lot easier to pin up on the design wall when one is auditioning fabric.

On the way back to the train station, Ann suggested we go to Britex Fabrics. Never one to pass up a fabric store, I promised myself I would only buy what I absolutely needed. Spring Serendipity event #2, I found the sashiko needles and thread I need for my lobster-beetle project.

Of course, now I have to decide whether I’ll use the red thread or the white thread, but that’s a decision for another day.

Luck and wisdom!