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Defining Well Begun

January 28, 2015

Well begun is not half done if you forget that you’ve made that first step – which I did with my bead collection. I thought I had squirreled all my beads in one bin.

Lani Longshore project bin

The bin wasn’t labeled, and there were bits and bobs of old projects among the tubes and boxes of beads. I took a lidded plastic box and prepared to sort things out.

Lani Longshore bead box

I thought I had plenty of room to store my beads as well as some old jewelry that I take apart for embellishments in this box. As I separated the beads from all the other clutter, however, I realized I had more beads than were in the bin.

The impetus to sort the bin came from the Challenge project.

Lani Longshore challenge project

My art critique group gave me permission to smother the piece with beads, especially black ones. I started with the one tube of black beads I found in an abandoned project bag.

Lani Longshore beading detail

The thing is, I knew I had more black beads. When they didn’t appear in the first bin, I started looking through others. Imagine my surprise when I found three other bins holding bead collections. Imagine how red my face was when I realized that I had started sorting beads many times and forgot.

The good news is I found my black beads.

Lani Longshore black beads

The better news is I re-labeled the box.

Lani Longshore bead box

The best news is I cleared out all the other bins and put my entire bead collection in this box. At least, I hope it’s my entire collection.

Luck and wisdom!