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Oh, The Mistakes I’ve Made

February 19, 2020

I’ve been doing this quilting thing for 35 years, so I’m usually competent. If I’m going to mess things up big time, however, it seems to happen when I’m working on my friend Jeanne Brophy‘s quilt. The latest Progressive Party project from her is a wonky row quilt. I read the instructions, ironed the first fabric, measured it wrong, and cut the pieces both too narrow and too long. Totally ruined the fabric. Couldn’t be saved. Luckily, Jeanne has a good sense of humor and a huge fabric stash, so she found a replacement. It was also fortunate that I realized my mistake after cutting only one fabric, not all of them.

At my second session on the project, I remembered that making wonky blocks means you are sewing on the bias. Usually I just pin the living daylights of stretchy things, but since this is a Progressive project and many people will be working on it over the next few months, I decided to be kind and sew a stabilizing line 1/8″ inside the cutting line before I cut, as shown in the block above.

Much to my delight, the blocks went together as they were intended. Those of you who actually read those helpful hint books on quilting technique will not be surprised, but it sure amazed me.

Luck and wisdom!

Scrap Happy(ish)

June 12, 2019

Perhaps because we’ve had three days in a row of triple digit heat, I feel like having a moan. When I heard my friend Jeanne Brophy needed some random 2 1/2” squares, I gladly volunteered to cut some from my overflowing scrap bin.

Save the gasps and tsk-tsking, this is what is left of the pile. Here is what I removed.

And this is the pile of cut squares:

On the one hand, I’m delighted that I could help a friend and get rid of some scraps. On the other hand, I’m dismayed at the amount of scraps that remain. On yet another hand (or perhaps a foot), I’m dumbfounded at the tiny pile of cut squares in relation to the size of the pile of scraps! And yes, I do understand this is the fate of all quilters. Here ends the moan for the day.

Luck and wisdom!

That Aha Moment

October 19, 2016

Two small solutions came to me in one of those lovely “aha!” moments. The first solution was for a Progressive Party project. The theme this round is movie quilts. It’s my turn to work on The Wizard of Oz quilt, and Jeanne Brophy suggested I do the scene with the house on the Wicked Witch of the East. I figured out how to make clapboard siding, but how to create the ruby slippers? Then I noticed I have crescent sequins. Red crescent sequins.

Check out those pointy toes

Check out those pointy toes

The second solution was for my map quilt. It needed more. I added more. It still needed more, especially around the edge. I explored my bead collection, and discovered I have plenty that work with this piece.

Lani Longshore map quilt

I even have beads of similar size but different colors for different sections of the edge.

Variation on a border

Variation on a border

Sometimes, solving one small problem is enough to make the whole day better. Solving two gives me a boost for a week. Being able to put out another Halloween decoration? Priceless.

Glitter and polka dots - heaven

Glitter and polka dots – heaven

Luck and wisdom!