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Alien Week

January 19, 2011

When Jan Steinhoff, Block of the Month coordinator for Amador Valley Quilters, announced that her husband thought the heart pattern she chose for February looked like an alien, was there any doubt I’d be buying a kit?

Find the eyes!

The alien face effect is subtle. If you aren’t looking at the block from just the right angle – or don’t have the proper mindset – you might miss it. So I decided to kick it up a notch.

Since the kit includes a gorgeous red and black tulip print, I looked in my collection for something similar. I found a pink and burgundy print and started looking for background fabric. After a few minutes, I dope-slapped myself. Why use the tulips for the alien face or eyes? Obviously, it should be the background and the quilt needs to be titled Garden Variety Aliens.

Which meant I had to make more than one face. Since the whole idea of using the heart pattern was to piece a simple face, that left the eyes. My first attempt used the same piecing as the original block, just one less:

Surprised alien

I had a good chuckle, but the effect wasn’t quite what I wanted so I made a woeful alien:

Woeful alien

Again, close but no cigar. The contrast for both attempts wasn’t quite strong enough. So, here is plan C:

Evil alien

I have three blocks of each of the three faces, and – yes – I intend to finish the quilt. And display it. Maybe in a show near you. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Oh, and let the UFO jokes begin.