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Sacrificed For The Greater Good

July 15, 2015

When I first started quilting, I was too frugal to waste fabric. That included putting a throw-away border around projects to hand quilt. I’m wiser now (older, too, but we won’t mention that), and I have a lot of fabric in my stash. Some of it was never great to begin with, and time hasn’t made it better. There are two projects I intend to hand quilt, and I am ready to sacrifice some of my scraps for the greater good.

The brown stripe on the edge is the throw-away border

The brown stripe on the edge is the throw-away border

The frugal part of me still balks at not saving all my scraps, but the realistic part is getting the upper hand. There is only so much one can do with bits and pieces that don’t match one’s current artistic vision. To help quiet that shrill voice, I am using my scraps of embroidery floss to finish some marked squares I inherited from my grandmother.

Using what I have

Using what I have

I’ve used several different shades of yellow. They blend just fine, and I used a variegated floss for the flowers (also a scrap left from another project), so it looks like I intended to have variety in the piece.

My citrusy flower ring

My citrusy flower ring

I realized early enough that I didn’t have enough leftover floss for all the flowers, but I had enough orange for half of the center flowers. As it turns out, I found another few strands of the red, which I used on the points. The piece is balanced, which is all that counts. I’m not entering it in any contests, so I don’t have to justify my decisions to anyone but my own inner critic.

Luck and wisdom!

Chipping Away For Art

October 2, 2013

This was my week for listening to the inner artist rather than the inner art critic as I chipped away at the to-do list. I had ideas for the Progressive Party Calendar Project that won’t go with any other vision but my own. My inner art critic said I should come up with different ideas. I ignored her.


Lani Longshore November Progressive Calendar block


The November block is dark and impressionistic. I’ve added subtle embroidery and beading to show there is life in this seemingly lifeless month.


Lani Longshore November calendar block beading


It is a far cry from the Thanksgiving images one expects to represent November. Can I use the excuse that I’m a vegetarian?


Lani Longshore December solstice block


The December block celebrates the winter solstice, with night crowding into my waking hours. The sun knows it will return, and is willing to give the night a brief chance to revel.


While I was pawing in my piles for embellishments, I ran across some iron-on shisha mirrors. Heaven only knows how old they are, but the glue was still good so I scattered them across one of my Challenge Rainbow quilts.


Lani Longshore shisha mirrors


Of course, the universe would be remiss to let me finish even one project without reminding me that there is always something more to make. While searching for binding fabric, I ran across some prints and an orphan block that suggested I put them next to my leaf block.


There's a party on the design wall

There’s a party on the design wall


I’m not certain how many of them will be included in whatever project emerges from this collection, but they’re enjoying each other’s company for the moment. Eventually, they’ll tell me what they want me to do.