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The Surface of Infinity, Quilted

May 22, 2013

Making progress on my own projects is such a rare event I had to rest after my last session in the sewing room. There are still piles everywhere, but I worked through a few issues with The Surface of Infinity – at least enough to get it quilted.




The fabric I used for the border has a subtle print that begged to be stitched.


Lani Longshore The Surface of Infinity quilted detail


Other parts of the piece are whining for more attention, but I’m putting that off for the final embellishment. There will be beads, of course, but perhaps some hand-quilting, too.


The long tail is a Mobius strip, or will be once I wire the edge. At the moment it is merely a loop.


Lani Longshore The Surface of Infinity Mobius strip tail


Lucky for me, Holly Altman taught a class on making three-dimensional embellishments – including wiring edges for bendable leaves and vines – at Art Quilt Santa Fe. One more reason to keep taking classes, especially ones that don’t exactly match your current style – you never know when what you don’t know will be just what you need to know.


Godzilla in the garden and other adventures

May 15, 2013

Getting back into a routine is one of the hardest tasks I face when I return from a trip. I’m distractable at the best of times (insert your favorite labrador retriever and squirrel joke here), but the week after getting back is one long bounce around the house.


I had two unfinished pieces, so that helped slow me down a bit. The first was the calendar block for July, which I finished.


Ready to celebrate Bastille Day, Canada Day, and Independence Day

Ready to celebrate Bastille Day, Canada Day, and Independence Day


The second unfinished piece was my Challenge, The Surface of Infinity. I didn’t finish, but I’m making progress.


Auditioning fabrics for The Surface of Infinity

Auditioning fabrics for The Surface of Infinity


The rest of the time I tried to figure out what I do around here, which means poking into odd corners to see what’s hidden there. On one of those expeditions I wandered outside, and noticed that some of the plants would do very well as scenery for a sci fi movie. I ran to fetch my son’s Godzilla action figure (which he intended to pitch out years ago, but I saved) and my camera:


Take me to your snap peas!

Take me to your snap peas!


Lani Longshore Godzilla

What a strange and lovely planet this is



Now that you’ve seen what’s in my garden, tell me what’s in yours.



The Surface of Infinity

April 17, 2013

The title of this blog is the theme of the next Challenge project. I’m not complaining (mainly because it is my idea) but I wish I had known before I issued it that the universe was just messing with me. I read the line in a book about philosophy, science and religion and lost all track of the argument being presented as I considered what the surface of infinity would look like if translated into fabric. I even had an idea of where to start . . . but I’m getting ahead of myself.

My personal challenge for the last few years has been to make the assignment from fabric I’ve already got. I give myself extra points for adapting a project I had already started. My plan for this assignment was to use my extensive collection of gray fabrics, maybe even create a gray series. As well as the fabrics from my gray tote bag, I also had these:


gray fabrics



gray fabrics


As I separated the fabrics, waiting for them to tell me what to do, I noticed one of the pieces had a little bit of pink. That reminded me of my pink, black and gray collection:


pink and gray fabrics


– and my pink and brown collection:


pink and brown fabrics


So I guess my assignment should have been called “the surface of infinite possibilities” – which, now that I think of it, is a very good description of my sewing room.