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Spring Snowflakes

May 28, 2014


Even without the drought, my part of California rarely sees snowflakes. I’m not complaining, since this gives me a chance to make my own.

Lani Longshore bead snowflakes

I found a cute snowflake form from Beadsmith (click here for the link), and pulled out the plastic beads I inherited from my grandfather.

Lani Longshore plastic beads

He used these to make flowers for his small wood vases. I’ve used them in a few projects, but the little buggers multiply (much like the pieces in my scrap bin). The snowflake project might be the answer I need, since I have a huge collection of stone beads that could also make interesting snowflakes.

I have some ideas for how to use these snowflakes. My gardening friends, for example, might enjoy getting these black and yellow cuties.

Calling all honey bees!

Calling all honey bees!

These could be interesting decorations on gift packages.

Pretty with or without ribbon

Pretty with or without ribbon

I’m not sure I can use the snowflakes as an embellishment on art quilts, but that won’t stop me from trying. The forms are inexpensive, and making the snowflakes takes mere minutes. It’s another addiction, I’ll admit, but it uses up stuff in the sewing room and creates cute things that will go away. That’s good enough for me.

Luck and wisdom!