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Scraps and How to Make Them

November 20, 2014

The first step in making scraps is to have a plan. I had a plan for the last two days, then stuff happened and I ended up with scraps of days. The people who created the kit I just finished also had a plan, a reasonably good plan, but I ended up with scraps anyway.

A lovely pear waiting for a project

A lovely pear waiting for a project

The kit for this lovely pear was included in one of the many embroidery grab bags I bought at a silent auction. I’ve been working on it while watching TV at night, and finally finished it. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news for a craft supply hoarder is that the kit designers made sure there would be enough floss to finish the project no matter how incompetent the stitcher.

Too pretty to toss

Too pretty to toss

This is beautiful floss, and I’m not about to toss it. I am, however, exceptionally lazy and I’m not about to wind it on spools and file it neatly. Instead, I’ve been trying to come up with odd projects (and the key word here really is odd) that will use up the floss.

Plants for alien planets

Plants for alien planets

This will end up in my science fiction quilt series – just don’t ask me how or when. If I’m very lucky, I’ll be able to combine some of my quilting scraps with the cross-stitch, but I’m not holding my breath.

The never empty scrap box

The never empty scrap box

I guess what I really need is the inspiration for a blog post titled Scraps and How to Get Rid of Them Without Actually Making Another Quilt.

Luck and wisdom!


July 24, 2013

Sometimes, the great forces that shape the universe like to tell me that I’m driving the highway of life in a clown car. Last week I wrote about collecting, aka hoarding. This week I unpacked a box that has traveled nearly 5000 miles with my parents’ possessions over the last fifty years. The box had my name on it, although I don’t know if I packed it or my mother did. There were many forgotten treasures from my life in that box. And then I found this:


Lani Longshore doll clothes


I don’t remember sewing doll clothes. Ever. My mother made doll clothes for my collection. Perhaps she tried to entice me to learn to sew those itsy-bitsy things myself. I certainly don’t remember preparing multiple pattern pieces.


Lani Longshore doll clothes pattern pieces


Although the memory cells devoted to this period in my life have obviously taken an extended vacation, I do recognize my own handwriting on the box, and my way of marking small pieces for hand sewing.

Lani Longshore doll clothes


Some things in life really are constants. I guess hoarding is a constant in mine.

Lani Longshore doll clothes



But Where to Put It?

February 21, 2012

Many months ago I cleared off a bit of space on a shelf. I was very proud of myself, and hoped to find a nice little CD player to go there. But I didn’t. The space was filled with something else, and I forgot about the plan.

My husband didn’t. He has been digitizing all of our old tapes – the kids’ recitals, old audio letters that had made their way back to us, a tape of our wedding music. That job is finished, and the machine he was using – our daughter’s old music monster – is now up for grabs. He brought it down and said it was mine if I wanted it.

Well, I do want it. I would very much like to hear music again when I’m working. The problem is, where to put it? Here is what happened to the space that had been cleared out:

This is what the other side of the room looks like:

I barely know where to put myself when I go into the sewing room, much less a new piece of hardware. I guess I need to admit that I’ve been doing less cleaning and more hoarding. And once I manage that, I’ll go on that diet I’ve been meaning to start.


Counting pin cushion chickens

October 13, 2011

I expected to get back in the swing of things this week. I assumed that my cough would go away. I was counting chickens before they were hatched. Wa-a-a-ay before they were hatched.

My favorite chicken to count

The cough has gone away, but not before it worked itself up to a right powerful hissy fit. I wrenched my back, and discovered that pain doesn’t contribute to creativity. It also doesn’t contribute to a clean house, or meeting deadlines.

Although I couldn’t clean the sewing room, or finish any projects, I could wander in on my little walks around the house (the only exercise I could manage). On one of those walks I became aware of pin cushions – specifically, of my pin cushion collection. Like most of the collections in my sewing room, it is accidental. One day I’m happily using the box the pins came in for storage, and the next I have more options for holding pins than I have pins to be held (well, almost). Most of them were gifts – I believe I actually bought the chicken shown above, although I can’t for the life of me remember why.

These two are handmade, and were gifts:

Heart and flower

The little felted ball was a gift, but the jar may have been a door prize:

This is the device I use most for pins, mainly because it holds plain old straight pins. I use them most often because I don’t mind destroying them. Somehow, it always seems that the glass-headed pins are too pretty to bend, fold, spindle and otherwise mutilate.

The purple pin eater

Now that I mention it, pretty pins aren’t the only things I hoard. There’s pretty fabric and pretty ribbons and pretty beads, to name a few. That’s why my sewing room is in such a state, of course. And as soon as I can think about more than my next dose of ibuprofen, I’m going to do something about it.