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The Crabby Quilter

January 8, 2020

Like all good quilters, I try to contribute to the local economy by finding a quilt store wherever I go. This month I found The Crabby Quilter in Annapolis, Maryland. I first tried the store on the day after New Year, but they were closed for computer upgrades. Luckily, I was still in the area when they opened. The wait was worth it – but of course, you knew that. How could I not wait for a chance to see a place called The Crabby Quilter? They gave me one of their Shop Hop magnets with my purchase of blue crabs and smiling sharks. I have no idea what project will be right for these treasures, and it doesn’t matter. I’m starting the year off right with fabric that makes me happy.

Luck and wisdom!

Ending The Year Happy

December 30, 2015

My friends in the Progressive Party decided it would be fun and useful to actually finish one of our projects. I decided it would be helpful to make it a challenge. The project was supposed to be finished by December. Guess who was still working on hers at the December meeting? Luckily, our meeting is in the beginning of the month and I hadn’t specified the precise meaning of “by December.” I still have two days to put the binding on, so I am ending the year happy.

Lani Longshore rose quilt

I hand-quilted the piece, and hand-beaded it (FYI, someone else did the beading on the rose, and I did the beads along the stem and dripping into the gray section).

Lani Longshore rose detail

May 2016 be a fabulous year for you all!

Luck and wisdom!