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Closer to Finished

September 21, 2016

Thanks to good friend, writer and quilter Sally Kimball, I am closer to being finished with one of my Colors of the Vineyard challenges. She gave me a blue solid to use as an under quilt. I’m planning to hand quilt it (those marks are made with chalk that releases from the fabric easily – I checked first, then marked).

Sorta, kinda, maybe a modern quilting design

Sorta, kinda, maybe a modern quilting design

Here is the lesson for the day – always bring your fabrics/quilts/threads/embellishments with you when choosing a companion piece. If I hadn’t had the little tree quilt with me, I would never have believed that the blue would work.

I like the effect, and I think the tree does, too

I like the effect, and I think the tree does, too

I hope to be closer to finishing the other quilts in the series, especially the one based on Art Map Quilts by Valerie S. Goodwin, in a week or so. I brought the map quilt to my Art Critique group and received some terrific advice. My task is to make time to use that good advice. This is the perfect opportunity, now that it is the first day of fall and the temperatures are dropping, and before it gets too close to the holidays.

The picture is fine – I designed the quilt off-center

Luck and wisdom!

Line and Repetition

May 25, 2016

This week I started the to-be-quilted stack. I had no design plans, which means the quilts had to tell me what they wanted. The bad news is the tops refused to talk to me. The good news is my art quilt group is exploring design elements now. I decided to use line and repetition.

Echoing the edges

Echoing the edges

This quilt was easy to start, because the collage style practically screams for repetition. I did one line of beading, then a line of hand quilting. I’ll continue the process until A) I get bored out of my skull, or B) the top is too heavy to lift any more.

One fabric to hold many threads and beads

One fabric to hold many threads and beads

This quilt suggested I start with machine quilting, which is fine, but the center section didn’t want to cooperate. Luckily, I was reminded that one can combine machine- and hand-quilting. So I did. I’ll also add beads (like you thought I wouldn’t).

I recalled having layered more quilts than I actually did. I don’t enjoy layering quilts. That may explain why these tops have remained unquilted for so long. If I’m very clever, I will schedule a time to put tops together with batting and backing. Once it’s on the calendar, I’ll have a harder time ignoring the task.

Luck and wisdom!

Filling Holes

January 13, 2016

I spent a lot of time filling holes this week. There was the hole in the blog line-up for Tri-Valley Writers, there was a hole in the flavor profile of my persimmon sauce, and there were holes on the contest quilt for Quilting Arts magazine readers’ challenge.


The theme is your superpower. I decided my superpower is the ability to ignore the reality of finite space if I have more stuff to cram into any given spot. To translate that into an art quilt, I picked a limited palette of beads and started stitching.


I also did some hand quilting


There is every possibility I will miss the deadline for this challenge because I will keep trying to cram more beads on the surface. That is my superpower, after all. Not to worry. The Challenge Group project is about holes. I can easily rewrite my artist statement to say this quilt represents the absence of holes.

Luck and wisdom!

Ending The Year Happy

December 30, 2015

My friends in the Progressive Party decided it would be fun and useful to actually finish one of our projects. I decided it would be helpful to make it a challenge. The project was supposed to be finished by December. Guess who was still working on hers at the December meeting? Luckily, our meeting is in the beginning of the month and I hadn’t specified the precise meaning of “by December.” I still have two days to put the binding on, so I am ending the year happy.

Lani Longshore rose quilt

I hand-quilted the piece, and hand-beaded it (FYI, someone else did the beading on the rose, and I did the beads along the stem and dripping into the gray section).

Lani Longshore rose detail

May 2016 be a fabulous year for you all!

Luck and wisdom!