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Empty Boxes

January 30, 2013

For the first time since September, I have empty boxes. No, not here:

sewing room

The empty boxes are on my calendar.


Of course, that won’t last. Just yesterday I agreed to take the lead on writing a grant proposal. It’s due March 1. Nevertheless, I have no pressing deadlines this week.

The reason I have a few free days is that I am finished with the manuscript for When Chenille Is Not Enough, the sequel to Death By Chenille.

The manuscript is finished!

The manuscript is finished!

I vowed to have it finished by January so we could get it to the printers in time for its unveiling in April at theĀ SAQA conference in Santa Fe, which is the weekend before Art Quilt Santa Fe. Until my co-author Ann Anastasio gets back to me with her edits, I can focus on other things.

Yesterday, I focused on the sewing room. I cut kits, cut scraps, and put fabric away. This morning I consolidated two boxes, freeing up one whole cubby for embroidery projects. I’d sing about how great I feel, but I don’t want the efficiency gods to think I’m getting uppity. They can be so petty. Still, I’m going to relish the joy for as long as I can.

I might even have time to bake some cookies to celebrate Ground Hog Day.


The Blue Kangaroo and Other Loose Ends

February 3, 2011

So, in the end, I did use the kangaroo and palm tree fabric for the background of my kangaroo block. That informed my choice of critter fabric.

My friend Skippy

I tried using brown fabric, really I did, but none of my browns were quite right. But there was that blue-gray kangaroo on the background fabric, and I thought – why not? None of these fabrics individually says “fur” or “living creature” or even “large leaping thing” but put them together with a little embroidery floss and you have Skippy.

While looking for my embroidery floss, I first came across some of my silk ribbon embroidery supplies. I had been doing some research on holidays around this time of year (more on that later) and I ran across St. Bridget’s Day. One of the traditions is to set out a silk ribbon for her to bless. Since I have more projects than I can ever hope to finish, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to add St. Bridgit to my list of quilters celebrations.

The reason I was researching holidays is that February 2 is Ground Hog Day. It is my favorite holiday, mainly because you don’t have to do anything for it. There are no traditional foods, no gift obligations, no decorating guidelines. Whatever you do is good.

That’s sort of my quilting motto, too – whatever you do is good. Or can be good, if you’re patient. Which brings me to the alien blocks. I had another idea, which may or may not play nicely with the idea I had last week, but here is what I’ve got so far:

There may be more permutations before the quilt is finished. I suspect there will be many, many more – and that’s fine. Loose ends are my stock in trade.