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Creating A New Stack

October 14, 2015

I finished two pillows recently, both with embroidered squares my grandmother marked but never completed.

No one sees the pen marks if you don't mention them

No one sees the pen marks if you don’t mention them

This is the one she marked with a ballpoint pen. Put it on the couch with a bunch of other pillows and no one notices. Big win.

Good enough for the good fabric

Good enough for the good fabric

This is another one from her collection. I loved the way it turned out, so I decided to use the good stuff for the back.

Lani Longshore pink back

I have many pieces of fabric that are too good to cut. This was one of them, but I cut it anyway. Once I had the pillow back pieced, I considered the remaining length. “Self,” I said, “you could combine this with another fabric that is too good to cut.” I found a sample of silk that I dyed in a Betty Busby class and sewed the two together.

Lani Longshore pink top

Just as I was congratulating myself that there was enough left of the pink floral to make a beaded wall-hanging, I realized the awful truth. I reduced my stack of embroidery only to create a new stack of stuff to be beaded. Truly, no good deed goes unpunished.

Luck and wisdom!

Spring Cleaning

April 2, 2014


My stash is full of fabric meant for the perfect project. Backs do not count as the perfect project, which is silly, because even art quilts have their backs showing sometime. Still, it’s hard using the good stuff. Then I put fabric away before going on to the next step in my second Challenge project and heard the voices of all the wise quilters I know. It’s all good stuff, I might as well use it, and spring cleaning is a great excuse to make me use it.

Lani Longshore beet fabric

My second Challenge project for the Easter assignment is based on Russian Orthodox symbols – the Orthodox cross and the habit of dying Easter eggs a deep red (Ukrainians dye pysanky, the elaborate wax resist eggs). Since I grew up eating borscht, I know all about the Russian connection to beets. I unearthed my beet print fabric, used it for the back of the quilt, and used the pattern for my quilt design.

The eggs will come later, along with beads and embroidery

The eggs will come later, along with beads and embroidery

The next bit of cleaning was an experiment for my tree series. The Progressive Party is doing a tree block project later this summer, and I thought I would use a variety of scraps for the trunks. The experiment worked fine, but I realized the trees I made would be way too big for the blocks. A writing friend, Shelia Bali, gave me some fabric (I’m not the only one doing spring cleaning) and one piece was perfect for a background. I decided to choose the scraps I would use, not just take what was near the top of the basket.

Lani Longshore trees

Finally, I cleaned out enough of the green drawer to get a collection of good stuff for the Progressive project.

Assorted greens and background

Assorted greens and background

The fabric hasn’t told me how it wants to be used, but it is very happy to be out of that drawer.

Luck and wisdom!