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Golden California

December 14, 2016

California is called the Golden State for the 1849 Gold Rush, the golden hills, the gold in Hollywood and Silicon Valley . . . and now for gingko gold. Our one tree puts out enough leaves to turn our front yard into a natural Klimt painting (and you know there’s a quilt in that!).

Lani Longshore gingko variegated

We live in an area that gets white, frozen water snow maybe once a decade. The golden snow comes every year.

Lani Longshore gingko leaves on rock

By happy coincidence, the tree lost its leaves just as an iris bloomed, so we got a double gold effect.

Lani Longshore gingko leaves and iris

Nature being what it is, there’s no way of knowing how the yard will look next year. I remember once our back yard looked as if it had been festooned with white lace, but the next year the blooming schedules didn’t work out as well. Time to be in the moment for the moment and enjoy my golden state.

Lani Longshore gingko leaves and orange

Luck and wisdom!

You Know You’re Sick When Cleaning Takes Priority

March 23, 2016

I am now on my second week of blowing off almost everything but sleeping. Whatever is blooming must be tapping into me for extra energy, because I certainly don’t have any.

The pollen from this one tree has turned our sidewalk green

The pollen from this one tree has turned our sidewalk green

There were bills that needed to be paid, and I managed to get to the grocery before we completely ran out of food. I have also done a load of laundry and some cleaning. I’m hoping that clearing some of the pollen out of the house will help. Seriously, that’s been the most creative thought I’ve had all week – get rid of the pollen.

Lani Longshore buffalo collage

Meanwhile, my national parks projects are calling me. Faint, yes, but they’re trying to make their presence known. I thought if I made a collage from the buffalo fabrics I might be able to find enough energy to embroider the edges. This is as far as I got.

Lani Longshore buffalo collage detail

My husband is also sick, although he is a few days behind me. He bought food and medicine before we both became unsafe at any speed, giving me enough time to recover for my shopping trip. With luck, we’ll be back to our normal routines soon. Until then, buy stock in Kleenex – we’re pushing up the second quarter sales all by ourselves.

Luck and wisdom!