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The Garden

May 9, 2018

I puttered productively in the sewing room this week, but the results aren’t worth photographing. The garden is, however, thanks to my husband. He took up gardening a few years ago, which is why the plants live. He says he only buys plants that thrive on neglect, but don’t believe him. I know what a neglected garden looks like and this isn’t it.

The front garden has a lovely section devoted to iris and daffodils. This blue iris is one of my favorites.

He built a lot of small raised beds. The columbine is the only plant that survived the frost in this bed.

Here is a view of the back garden with Trevor the Gargoyle. Guess who whined until he bought her the statue?

In addition to gargoyles, I also like wind chimes. These chimes are hung in a place that doesn’t get all that much wind, but that’s okay too. I like the little tinkling sound, but the neighbors’ dogs don’t. Trust me, howls don’t harmonize with chimes.

Luck and wisdom!

I Wish I Could Take The Credit

April 18, 2018

On the days when I’m feeling particularly pleased with myself, I am often presented with things I could have done but didn’t. Today is one of those days. I dearly wish I could take credit for this tee shirt, but I can’t.

I have such a bad sense of direction that I made a point of training the kids to watch for road signs when they learned to drive. You would think that since I was teaching them how to do it my own skills would improve. Well, they did, a little, but I still get lost way too easily. I bought this tee shirt to give the rest of you fair warning.

This journal is another idea I wish was mine.

A local artist takes discarded books and turns them into journals. He includes some of the original pages just for fun.

Finally, I wish I could take credit for our garden, but I have the blackest thumbs on either side of the Mississippi. My husband is the one who coddles the plants. They bloom for him.

May today be the day your come up with an idea that will be the envy of all who see it.

Luck and wisdom!

Godzilla in the garden and other adventures

May 15, 2013

Getting back into a routine is one of the hardest tasks I face when I return from a trip. I’m distractable at the best of times (insert your favorite labrador retriever and squirrel joke here), but the week after getting back is one long bounce around the house.


I had two unfinished pieces, so that helped slow me down a bit. The first was the calendar block for July, which I finished.


Ready to celebrate Bastille Day, Canada Day, and Independence Day

Ready to celebrate Bastille Day, Canada Day, and Independence Day


The second unfinished piece was my Challenge, The Surface of Infinity. I didn’t finish, but I’m making progress.


Auditioning fabrics for The Surface of Infinity

Auditioning fabrics for The Surface of Infinity


The rest of the time I tried to figure out what I do around here, which means poking into odd corners to see what’s hidden there. On one of those expeditions I wandered outside, and noticed that some of the plants would do very well as scenery for a sci fi movie. I ran to fetch my son’s Godzilla action figure (which he intended to pitch out years ago, but I saved) and my camera:


Take me to your snap peas!

Take me to your snap peas!


Lani Longshore Godzilla

What a strange and lovely planet this is



Now that you’ve seen what’s in my garden, tell me what’s in yours.



A Working Vacation

October 17, 2012

My mom arrived for her annual visit. She said she would love to help with my projects. Bwa-ha-ha. I gave her a day to rest from her flight and put her to work.

Actually, she had less than a day. She brought some knitted hats for the kids and offered to make more if they wished. My daughter asked for one in purple, I had a coupon for the craft store, and you can guess the rest of the story.

Lily knitting

When Mom takes a break from knitting, I have her sorting squares for quilt kits. While she is doing that, I work on one of the baby quilts for my great-nephews:

Mom mentioned that she is making refrigerator magnets for gifts and asked if I had any decorative boxes. I showed her this:

It’s a smidgen too small for her needs, so once she finishes the hat we’ll make fabric boxes – which just happens to be another project I’ve been working on. I won’t be selfish. She can take the ones she likes home with her.

And just in case she gets bored, there’s always something to do in the garden.

Trevor the gargoyle guarding the sage