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Again with the lemonade

July 25, 2012

Both of the kids are returning to the nest while they look for work. One just finished a masters degree, the other is still trying to figure out what life, the universe and everything really means. The good news is we can offer them a place to live while they regroup. The bad news (Part A) is I really, truly, absolutely, positively have to remove my stuff from their rooms.

You may recall that I had been keeping fabric in their rooms, our room, the living room, and the garage as well as the sewing room. The bad news (Part B) is that the garage door that we had hoped to have replaced long before this is getting replaced while I’m clearing out the kids’ rooms. We had to have twelve feet (12′) of clear space for the workmen to install the garage door, which meant there was no room for me to squirrel away the fabric. I couldn’t even use a corner as a staging area because there were no empty corners.

The universe had its fun with me, then showed me the way out. Tucked away in a corner of my son’s room were the shelving units he used as a kid to keep his toys in order. My husband even found the connecting pieces that turned the metal grids into shelves. I took the fabric for my prison program (in plastic bins and cardboard boxes), put it in the living room temporarily, and assembled a few of the grids.


Bonus points if you see what’s missing

This first effort was essentially a proof of concept experiment – first that I could get the grids together and second that the plastic bins would fit. They did. In fact, I got all of the fabric that had been in the corner stowed away with room to spare.

This is what was in the corner


This is how much space it took up on the new shelves

My husband poked his head in the sewing room when I stopped swearing (I said I got the grids together – I didn’t say I found it easy). He took one look at my shelves and cautiously mentioned that they weren’t as stable as one might like. He then offered to help me rebuild the shelf right then and there. This is how much more stuff I got in there once he put the back pieces in:

So we’ve come full circle. The units I bought my son to keep his toys out of my hair are now being used to keep my stuff out of his hair. I still have more units, and more plastic bins. Give me a couple of weeks, and I might even clear out enough stuff along the batting wall to complete my new storage system.