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I’m In It For The Trees

January 27, 2016

You know you’ve been a quilter too long when you stop paying attention to the movie because something on the screen sparked an idea for a new quilt. I was watching “War and Peace” and stopped paying attention to James Norton‘s splendid portrayal of Prince Andrei because he was standing by a way cool tree that I thought would make a great focal point for an art quilt.

Not the tree in the movie, but a fine tree all the same

Not the tree in the movie, but a fine tree all the same

This isn’t the first time I’ve been sidetracked by quilt ideas. I attended a concert and forgot all about the music because the light show sparked an idea for a wonderful way to use some of my batiks. I look at the ocean and see how I could strip-piece a wave breaking on the rocks. Don’t even get me started on how a night sky makes me itch to bring out my beads.

The black and white batik uses a frog motif

The black and white batik uses a frog motif

At the moment, I’m particularly struck by trees. I’ve also done frogs, roses, space scenes and maps. I can never tell when the mood will strike for a new series, or why something takes me by the throat and demands I explore it. All I know is that it’s great fun to be inspired, even if I do miss part of the movie.

Luck and wisdom!

Why I Collect

July 17, 2013

I quilt, therefore I collect. That’s what I tell myself when I run across something that I can’t recall buying but must have because it’s in my studio.


I probably won’t wear the penguin pin, but I want to keep it. It was given to me, after all, and gifts should be honored.


I already have a frog quilt collection. One more for the frog pin won’t be much of a stretch. Well, make it two – I still have plenty of frog fabric.


I have plenty of tree and Celtic-inspired fabric for these pendants. Yes, the pentagram is just as heavy as it looks, but with a little luck and some good stiffener I’ll come up with something.


The dragons, like the penguin, will take more thought. I made one dragon quilt a long time ago, and one quilt with penguin fabric. I know there’s a design out there, somewhere, waiting for me to discover it. In the meantime, I will continue to quilt, and to collect.