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Coast to Coast with Confidence

October 10, 2018

In one of those moments when the universe says, “Just get on with it,” the quilt I absolutely, positively had to finish was the one with the heron. I’ve called the quilt Coast to Coast, and it was just the confidence boost I needed.

Quilted, bound, and labeled

My foot still doesn’t like to be down for any length of time, but I had to change threads often for this quilt. What under ordinary circumstances would have been discouraging turned out to be practical – thirty minutes with my foot down, ice and rest, repeat. Even with all the thread changes, the quilting went much faster than I expected.

The dreaded heron and the many quilting threads

I also made a feature out of a bug by using yellow thread around the center of the flowers. My original intent was merely to hide the little boo-boo when the yellow meandered over the black, but I like it better this way.

The pattern called for one tree and a house, but I made three trees representing the palm trees, deciduous trees, and pine trees that can be found together on every street in my town.

This quilt was years in the making, since I was afraid to make the appliqued heron, nervous about changing the pattern, and concerned that I really couldn’t put all three Row By Row kits together to make a coherent piece. Furthermore, I was truly terrified that my injury wouldn’t let me get back in the sewing room at all, much less in time to finish the quilt for the guild Unfinished Quilt Challenge. Because of my fears, once I got started Coast to Coast became a huge confidence builder.

Luck and wisdom!

Fear and Laughter

March 25, 2015

There are a lot of things I’m afraid of – bugs crawling out of the newspaper (happened yesterday), the bathroom scale, suddenly finding myself with no chocolate in the house – but as an artist nothing is scarier than The Blank Page.

A beautiful blank notebook - scary!

A beautiful blank notebook – scary!

Whether I’m writing, sketching, or doing fiber art, starting a new project is a multi-stage process. First, I have to skulk around the house avoiding starting a new project. Next, I have to gather materials that may or may not end up in the new project, just to satisfy the nagging little voice that says “Do something!” Finally, I have to speak sternly to myself about my lack of moral fiber, and sit down at the computer or the sewing machine.

Complicating this process is new equipment.

Lani Longshore sewing machine

I have been getting used to free-motion quilting on my new sewing machine (did I mention new is scary?). Under ordinary circumstances, that would mean practicing on scraps. As it happens, I have to finish a quilt for the upcoming Amador Valley quilt show (which I will not be able to attend, but that’s a story for another blog – click here for details about the show if you are free April 18-19). Luckily, the quilt is a hoot, and nothing shoos away fear like laughter.

Lani Longshore Party Til the Cows Come Home

This is a Progressive Project. We all brought enough of one piece of fabric to share with the group, and we had to use a significant amount of each and every gift. I saw the party fabric, remembered that I had some cow fabric, and a title came to mind – Party Til the Cows Come Home. The other women reveled in the theme, and the top grew.

Lani Longshore quilt detail

The group decided to put this collection of quilts in the show, so I had to finish it. I giggled the entire time – well, almost the entire time. There were naughty words and gnashing of teeth when the thread broke, but the point is I stared The Blank Page down. For once.

Luck and wisdom!