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Fractured Tree, Shrunken Pile

July 4, 2012

Although this isn’t a space quilt, it is one more in a series of using what is closest. It is the latest Progressive Party project. Usually those linger in corners for years (as Fish ‘N Cat did – for nearly two decades). This one enticed me to finish it by promising that it could be completed with items within reach.

The project started as a sketch that I cut apart and distributed to the group. This is what came back to me:

I had one section to finish. There was another Top Gear marathon running, so I sat in my comfy chair with scraps of fabric piled next to me. The applique session passed as quickly as if I had opened a box of chocolates while watching a favorite movie. My little old hand reached out and grabbed fabrics without my giving much thought to the matter. At the end of the marathon, my section was finished.

I made a fractured landscape long ago and used a muddy purple for lattice. The same fabric worked well for this project.

Next came some piping and borders. The final border is made from a collection of squares I was given. They’ve been waiting a long time for a good project.

This project turned out exactly as I wanted it to, which is a rare thing for me (yes, there are a couple of places where the applique doesn’t flow smoothly from one section to the next – that’s what embroidery is for). Not only did the quilters in the Progressive Party run with my request to be absolutely random in their fabric choices, they all used different techniques so each section is unique. Best of all, the lattice, borders, backing and batt were all within reach, so my sneak attacks on the stacks are advancing!