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Finished Enough to Celebrate

February 14, 2018

Despite an accumulation of small medical woes that have irritated me (who knew toothache could be so debilitating?), I brought two projects close enough to finished that I intend to celebrate.

This is what I made from the collection of blocks I received from The Progressive Party. I decided I didn’t want a classic setting, so I put black strips of varying widths along one side of the blocks. The horizontal sashing includes a flamingo on a skateboard because I found it in my stash and it wasn’t going anyplace else.

The second project is the third novel in the Chenille Series, The Chenille Ultimatum.

Book 3 with Ann Anastasio

In the latest adventure with our quilting heroines, Susan travels to the distant planet of Schtatik to save her mother and daughter, and stop a civil war. You can find it on Amazon here.

Of course, I still have to quilt the top and promote the book, but that is going on another To-Do List. Today’s list is long enough.

Luck and wisdom!

What Remains

December 26, 2013

This year began in chaos, and dreadfully long to-do lists filled with undone tasks from the previous year. As Christmas approached, I thought I might – for once – be able to tick off the last obligation and begin the new year focused on new assignments. For one brief moment, I reveled in the luxury of thinking I was done.


The next day, I tried to find a specific rubber stamp in my sewing room.


Of course, I couldn’t find it. After searching in all the places it should have been, I knew I had to pull out the scary boxes and pry in the piled-up corners. It was time to put away the things I had put down in order to have room to finish projects. Even after two days of sorting, stacking and general puttering about, I faced a table full of of stuff.


Stacks, stacks, stacks!

Stacks, stacks, stacks!


My stamp is still hiding. I may end up making my own, which is probably for the best. In the meantime, I decided to start on new projects (perhaps if I pretend I’m not looking for the stamp it will creep back where it belongs).


Lani Longshore Egyptian quilt top


The Challenge project for February is to make something based on an art or architectural style. Years ago I started the Egyptian quilt pictured above. Now is as good a time as any to finish it.


I almost finished another project. It’s quilted and bound, but when I started beading it I realized it needed another type of embellishment, something with paint or ink.


My first Mars quilt

My first Mars quilt


I brought out my Shiva paintsticks, but still can’t decide what I want to do. There are a few days left in the year, so perhaps I’ll figure it out. If not, there’s always next year. At least the list of undone tasks is short.